CCC Alumni Association Outstanding Awards 2018



Since 1981, the Clinton Community College Alumni Association has been honoring those that have made “outstanding” contributions during the year. In 2018, the Alumni Association is celebrating the 37th year of honoring outstanding contributions to Clinton Community College.

The 2018 Outstanding Awards are presented to:

  • Outstanding Business Associate – Culver’s
    The 2018 Outstanding Business Associate is Culver’s. The Clinton Culver’s offers a Share Night where clubs and organizations can work in the restaurant and earn a portion of the sales for the evening. Culver’s enables students to work to earn funds for regional and international conferences. Students learn the value of earning the funds, not just a donation to the club. The Phi Theta Kappa Chapter earned more than $500 this semester. Culver’s was very accommodating with setting up the Share Nights.

    Culver’s provides support of the group, advertising the share night on their marquee and also on social media. Culver’s encourages students to wear CCC or Phi Theta Kappa t-shirts when working at a Share Night. Culver’s also has a dress code for working the event, so students learn what is appropriate for a specific work place.

    Congratulations to Culver’s, 2018 Outstanding Business Associate!

  • Outstanding Friend of the College – Jenny Boysen
    As Co-President of Clinton National Bank, Jenny Boysen is a respected member of the community, serving on the Clinton Community College Paul B. Sharar Foundation Board of Directors. Jenny brings integrity and a fiscal responsibility to the Sharar Foundation board, addressing issues with her common sense approach. Her nominator wrote, “We always know Jenny will be thorough in preparation and consideration of our agenda items.” Jenny also serves on the YWCA and Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, once again bringing her skills and dependability to those organizations.

    Boysen is a community college graduate, thus she understands the value a community college provides to our community. She encourages her employees to attend classes at CCC to improve their skills and to earn a degree. This year Jenny hired a CCC student as an Intern, giving her business and the student a wonderful learning environment.

    Congratulations to Jenny Boysen, 2018 Outstanding Friend of the College!

  • Outstanding Volunteer – Tami Leavens
    The 2018 Outstanding Volunteer is CCC Alum Tami Leavens. Tami is a talented and willing volunteer who wants students to have a positive experience here at CCC. She was willing to share her skills with our CCC students and shows patience as she works with students in the High School Equivalency Program.

    Tami also has joined the CCC Alumni Association Board and brings her knowledge of the college to that group. She is enthusiastic about the Alumni Association events and scholarships they fund, bringing great ideas to the group. Currently, Tami is working to archive the hundreds (thousands!) of photos in our CCC archives.

    Congratulations to Tami Leavens, 2018 Outstanding Volunteer!

  • Outstanding Alumnus – Pam Petersen
    Our 2018 Outstanding Alumnus is Pam Petersen, 1984 & 1994. Through the years since her graduation, Pam has continued to support the mission of Clinton Community College in her work in the community with ADM. Each year, Pam gathers co-workers and members of the Riverfront Running Gang to register for the B-rrry Scurry Race B-rrry Challenge, where large and small organizations are recognized for the number of participating. In addition to her focus on physical fitness, Pam is focused on personal and professional growth as well, encouraging colleagues at ADM to enroll in classes at CCC.

    Pam uses her skills learned at CCC in other community groups, as well, such as in her role as co-President of the YWCA where she was named the YWCA Woman of Achievement Unsung Hero in 2016.

    Congratulations to Pam Petersen, 2018 Outstanding Alumnus!

  • Outstanding Graduate – Aaron Betts
    The 2018 Outstanding Graduate is Aaron Betts. The nomination said it well, “Aaron is an excellent student, evident in his being named to the All Iowa Academic Team. He is also a finalist for a national Phi Theta Kappa scholarship. Aaron is a fine example of a student overcoming multiple obstacles to reach his educational goals.”

    Aaron Betts inspired the Paul B. Sharar Foundation to create a new fund to assist with registration fees for the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. Many CCC students have benefited from the fund that provides assistance for the registration fee. Due to active students such as Aaron highlighting these concerns, Phi Theta Kappa continues to grow and students who qualify can become active. Aaron will share his story during CCC Graduation on May 9.

    Congratulations to Aaron Betts, 2018 Outstanding Graduate!

  • Outstanding Staff/ Faculty Member – Sue Geerts
    The 2018 Outstanding Staff/Faculty Member is Sue Geerts. Sue is a “quiet” leader. She does her job and she does it extremely well. She is committed to making sure that our students’ Financial Aid paperwork is processed in a timely fashion. She works to make sure that we are working smarter by offering suggestions on improving and streamlining processes and work flow that benefit our students.

    Sue Geerts’ everyday work ethic makes her a valuable asset to our students, her co-workers, Student Services, the Financial Aid Office and Financial Services team at CCC. Sue embraces change and is always thinking of new ways to work smarter with our technology and processes. She tackles a problem or situation head on and resolves it. She is inquisitive and likes to know why something works that way so that she has a better understanding herself.

    Sue is a dedicated employee of EICC and uses her time wisely. She serves on the Retention Committee, has served on interview committees for FA staff on the other campuses, is serving as a Read with a Child volunteer and coordinates the CCC graduation reception every year. Sue has been instrumental in training FA staff at the other campuses. Her attention to detail, organization and follow through are second to none.

    Congratulations to Sue Geerts, 2018 Outstanding Staff/Faculty Member!

  • Club of the Year Award was presented to a student club or organization who fulfills its mission to the fullest and creates productive involvements for the Clinton Campus by performing various social and educational activities that result in outstanding student engagement and leadership. The 2018 Club of the Year is the Gaming Club.

  • Aspiring Group Performance Award is presented to any student, faculty or staff organization that has had an exceptional performance in encouraging student’s hopes and ambitions to become a better student and individual by creating a positive, impactful, and memorable experience for retention purposes. The 2018 Aspiring Group Performance Award was presented to the Alpha Theta Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

  • Club Advisor of the Year Award acknowledges an outstanding club advisor of a Student Senate organization for their volunteered time, dedication, commitment and mentorship as an outstanding club advisor. The 2018 Club Advisor of the Year is Mat Endress, Advisor to the Gaming Club.

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