CCC RISE Program a Success!



RISE LogoThe Clinton Community College Retention Initiative with Support & Encouragement (RISE) has resulted in a positive impact on students in the first two years of the program. RISE founder Dr. Michelle Allmendinger, CCC Dean of Student Development, will share the findings of the first two years of the program at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Conference held virtually in March.  

Started in 2019 with the goal of offering students a high touch, more connected campus experience, students benefit from the program in a variety of ways. The first two cohorts demonstrate a higher grade point average that those not enrolled in RISE with the first cohort of students earning a cumulative 3.27 GPA versus the all college 2.98 in the fall of 2019. The GPA for fall of 2020 (second cohort) was 3.05 versus the college cumulative of 2.7.  In addition, the students have a one hundred percent retention rate from fall to spring semester the first two years of the RISE program.

Dean of Student Development Dr. Michelle Allmendinger created RISE because of her awareness of the Federal TRIO program, an outreach and student services program designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Dr. Allmendinger stated, “I was a first generation college student, and as an undergraduate I was lucky enough to participate in the McNair program, one of the many programs under the TRIO umbrella of services. Participating in that program was very valuable to my entire educational journey, and I wanted the students at CCC to have a similar program that would give them the support they need to be successful now and hopefully the motivation to be even more successful in the future.  Although the creation of RISE was inspired by my experiences, the program only works because the rest of the college got behind the idea. Advisors, instructors, the Sharar Foundation - everyone - has given time, energy, and resources to this program, and that has been a huge benefit to our students. I am thrilled with the results so far, and I’m already looking forward to bringing in the third cohort of RISE students next fall.”

Clinton Community College President Brian Kelly commented, “The RISE program is another excellent example of our team putting student success at the heart of everything we do. I am very excited to expand this opportunity to more students."

CCC students who fit any two of the qualifying criteria are welcome to apply for the RISE program. Qualifying criteria include, among others, being a first generation college student, being a working parent, being a Veteran/Active Military member, enrolling in an in-demand program/major, recently moving to Clinton or Jackson County, HiSET graduate, or being recommended by high school or CCC advisor.   Once enrolled in RISE, students commit to 25 hours per semester of advising, tutoring and documented study time, and other activities to enrich their college experience.  Upon completion of the two semester 50-hour program, students receive a $500 Paul B. Sharar Foundation stipend to be used for tuition, textbooks, technology, or supplies. 

To learn more about the CCC RISE program, contact Dr. Michelle Allmendinger at 563-244-7001.