Pursuit of Education/Grades

Each college instructor has developed his or her own attendance policy. You are responsible to become familiar with each instructor’s policy and to conform to that policy.

The VA requires you to be enrolled in classes in the program you are pursuing and to make satisfactory progress. Satisfactory progress is determined by the instructor, therefore, if your instructor considers your attendance unsatisfactory, your certification and benefits will be affected.


The VA classifies grades as either punitive or non-punitive. Punitive grades are any grades that count toward your grade point average (A, B, C, D or F). Non-punitive grades are any grades that do not count toward your grade point average (N or W). The VA will not pay for non-punitive grades (absent mitigating circumstances). Therefore, you cannot be certified for a course for which you will be receiving a non-punitive grade. This would include courses you will “test-out” of or courses you “audit”.