Adding or Dropping Courses

Courses may be adjusted during the first week of a semester for full term classes or 2 days for shortened class sessions. Courses may be dropped (with a grade of “W”) until ten class days prior to the first day of final exams for full term classes and one week prior to end date for shortened classes. A student who discontinues class attendance and does not officially drop the course will receive a failing grade for the course. If you either add or drop a course, you will need to notify your Certifying Official. Your Certifying Official is required to submit all changes to the VA within 30 days. Information on details of the adding/dropping process can be found in the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ College catalog.

Any change in your enrollment may affect your VA benefits. If you withdraw from a class and this withdrawal affects your enrollment status (full-time, half-time, etc.), you will be charged an overpayment by the VA, absent mitigating circumstances. For instance, in August you registered as a full-time student, you would receive full-time payment. You may decide in November to withdraw from a three semester hour course. You would then become a three-quarter time student. The VA will consider you a three-quarter time student from the beginning of the term. You would be charged an overpayment for the difference between three-quarter and full-time for the entire semester.