NER-BU-004 Builder


Course Requirements

Branch MOS Rank ET3 Branch MOS Rank ET2 Branch MOS Rank ET1 CLEP DANTES
ELE 101 Industrial Safety X X X    
ELE 216 DC Circuit Analysis          
MAT 705 Industrial Math & Measurement I (must select MAT 706 next term) OR          
MAT 128 PreCalculus ** (recommended for transfer and must also enroll in following 8 week term) OR          
MAT 210 Calculus I** (recommended for transfer and must also enroll in following 8 week term)          
IND 134 Industrial Print Reading          
ELE 217 AC Circuit Analysis          
MAT 706 Industrial Math & Measurement II          
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers (must also enroll in following 8 week term) OR X X X    
CSC 112 Computer Fundamentals for Technicians I/A          
ELE 225 Electric Motor Control & Power Distributions          
ELT 312 Solid State Devices & System          
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers (continued from prior term) OR          
CSC 113 Computer Fundamentals for Technicians I/B          
ELT 123 Programmable Logic Controllers          
ELT 309 Digital Circuits &Systems          
HUM 105 Working in America OR          
HUM 110 Changes and Choices OR          
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology          
ENG 105 Composition I  OR          
ENG 107 Composition I : Technical Writing          
ELT 125 Advanced PLC          
PHY 185 Conceptual Physics Fundamentals I          
MFG 505 Lean Manufacturing          
EGT 117 Fluid Power Fundamentals          
PHY 186 Conceptual Physics Fundamentals II*          
IND 143 Motors and Drives          

***All transfer credits are subject to Department Coordinator's discretion.


1. Academic Residency: Sixteen (16) of your last 32 credits earned prior to graduation must be completed at a college of EICC.

2. Limitation on credit by examination and prior learning portfolio: No more than 46 credits earned through examination and/or portfolio