Military Tuition Assistance Program

Active Duty/Iowa National Guard/Reserve Military Tuition Assistance

Each branch of the military has an education tuition assistance program while actively serving and pursuing a degree and/or certification programs. The process to secure the tuition assistance varies between each branch. The first step to applying for your tuition assistance is to visit with the Education Service Officer at your perspective military installation.

The Military/Veteran Student Affairs Facilitator at Eastern Iowa Community College will assist you with any questions and procedural steps.

The college’s business office and financial aid process and work directly with the Department of Defense for the tuition costs and payments. Upon registering for classes, let the advisor know that Military Tuition Assistance will be used and request a printed copy of your ‘academic planning form’ as this will need to be submitted to the Education Service Officer in order to proceed with the request for Tuition Assistance.

The branch specific military tuition education assistance program process and education portals are listed below.

Air Force

The Air Force offers federal tuition assistance to all active duty and reserve personnel. Please see your Education Service Officer before starting the process.

Visit Air Force's Personnel Center website new window for further information regarding Air Force Tuition Assistance.

The AIPORTAL has the online application with instructions for the process. Once the process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent automatically. Upon approval, the service member needs provide the approved Tuition Assistance form to business office at the college. The service member can view the status of the Tuition Assistance request form in the Air Force Virtual Education Center (in the “My Enrollments” section) in the AIPORTAL.

The service member needs to turn in an academic plan to the Education Service Officer on the installation. Tuition Assistance must be requested at least 45 days prior to class start date.

Iowa National Guard

The Guard can choose either the National Guard Education Assistance Program (NGEAP) which is state tuition assistance. The NGEAP system has a portal that must be utilized to apply for this education assistance program.

Iowa Tuition Assistance

This webpage will have the link to apply for the state tuition assistance. Please read the information contained on this specific webpage. Important information regarding changes, criteria and handouts are contain therein. Once your NGEAP is approved, the funding will be processed through EICC’s financial aid office on your perspective campus.

The Iowa National Guard also has the option of using federal tuition assistance. The process to obtain this benefit is explained below under the Army information. The deadline for applying for State Tuition Assistance is 1 July for the fall semester and 1 Dec for the spring semester. Please contact the following individuals for further assistance:

Active Duty Army/Army Reserves

Active duty personnel will have an Education Service Officer on the military installation. The Education Service office will have reference materials regarding the process.

The online portal for obtaining your benefit is Iowa National Guard service members and active duty personnel can use the CAC card to sign in. There is a tab, “apply for tuition assistance” that will start the process. There are tutorial videos available to help with the process. All service members using GOARMYED will have additional steps to follow once the federal tuition assistance is approved. A written ‘Academic Plan’, class schedule and itemized billing statement must be obtained from the college and uploaded onto the personal account. Furthermore, there is a ‘course planner’ tab that will direct the service member to another webpage within the GOARMYED account. The courses must be manually typed into the specific headings. Use the schedule that the college provides as there are class sections and catalog sections that must be entered. The deadline for applying for federal tuition assistance is no later than 24 hours before the start date of classes. It is recommended that the process should be started much earlier in order to ensure the benefit is approved.

The Education Service Office is located at the Rock Island Arsenal Bldg 56, 1st floor.

Marines/Navy/ Coast Guard

Visit with the Education Service Officer at the installation to receive further information and instructions. new window will have further information and offers an online chat with an Education Service Officer. There is a hyperlink menu that will assist your steps; explain the process to obtain your benefit. new window is the online portal for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Tuition Assistance processing. A Service member must submit a WebTA application via the My Education module every semester. If there are courses with different term beginning and/or ending date, submit each course on a separate WebTA application. Each service branch authorizes their respective WebTA applications. The deadline for applying for Tuition Assistance is no later than 24 before the start.

The Marine Reserve Unit stationed at the Rock Island Arsenal will use the point of contact listed under the Army section.