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Supply Chain & Logistics Program Contact: Susan Lammers, 563-441-4362, 

Course Requirements for Supply Chain & Logistics AAS

Level 30

(MOS Related Credit)

Level 40

(MOS Related Credit)

Department Proficiency Exam CLEP DANTES
BUS161 Human Relations  (3)          
BUS180 Business Ethics  (3)          
BUS185 Business Law I  (3)          
BUS293 Principles of  Workforce Competitive Advantage (3)          
BUS300 Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification (3)          
BUS302 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Software  (3)          
CSC110 Introduction to Computers (3)       x  
ENG107 Composition I: Technical Writing  (3)       x (ENG105) x (ENG108)
MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts (3) OR          
MAT156 Statistics (3)          
MFG106 Workplace Safety (3)         Copy of current OSHA-10 General Industry Card
MFG505 Lean Manufacturing (1)          
MGT130 Principles of Supervision  (3) 3 Credits 3 Credits      
MGT165 Principles of Quality  (3) 3 Credits 3 Credits      
MGT260 Introduction to Business Logistics  (3) 3 Credits 3 Credits 3 Credits    
MGT261 Principles of Transportation Management  (3)          
MGT263 Principles of Distribution and Warehouse Management (3)          
MGT265 International Transportation & Logistics  (3)          
MGT268 Principles of Logistics Operations Management  (3)          
MGT269 Introduction to Inventory Management  (3)          
MGT910 Supply Chain Internship (3)          
MKT110 Principles of Marketing  (3)          
PSY213 Industrial & Organizational Psychology (3)          


1.  Academic Residency:  Sixteen (16) of your last 32 credits earned prior to graduation must be completed at a college of EICC.

2.  Limitation on credit by examination and prior learning portfolio:  No more than 46 credits earned through examination and/or portfolio may be applied to an associate degree and no more than 30 of these credits may be earned through CLEP examination.