Military Education Benefits

Our Military/Veteran/Family Member Program Facilitator will assist you with your paperwork to obtain your GI Bill® benefits and answer any questions you may have in regards to obtaining your GI Bill®/VA education benefits.

Please fill out our Military/Veteran Benefit Information Request form so that we can contact you directly to answer your questions about the Military/Veteran Education Benefit Process.

Our Certifying Official will need a copy of your Member 4 DD214 and a confirmation page from your GI Bill® application, and will notify the Department of Veterans Affairs of your enrollment at the school.   

It is required that you request certification of your GI Bill® every semester by submitting the GI Bill Request for Certification form.

You will be given a “Military/Veteran Student Handbook” from our Certifying Official, please read through the handbook carefully. As a student using the GI Bill®, there are guidelines you will need to know. Please be aware of the drop dates of classes for the semester, if you were to drop a class after the drop date and the Department of Veteran Affairs has already paid your tuition, you will receive a debt letter informing you of an overpayment. If the tuition has not been paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the time of your withdrawal, you will incur a debt with the college. You should notify our Military/Veteran/Family Member Program Facilitator or School Certifying Official of any changes you make to your schedule.

It is not necessary for you to apply every semester for your GI Bill®; when our Certifying Official receives your registration for the semester, it will be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you are using Military Tuition Assistance, you will need to apply each semester. Please see the Military/Veteran Student Affairs Facilitator for assistance.


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VA Certifying Officials from each campus:

Clinton Community College
Mardell Mommsen

Scott Community College
Lorene Anderson

Muscatine Community College
Robin Mitchell

Eastern Iowa Community College

Military/Veteran/Family Member Student Affairs Facilitator
Shari Ruehling