Military Degree Map for 91E Allied Trade Specialist

AAS - CNC Machining

CNC/Machining Program Contact: Greg Robb, 563-441-4364,

Course Requirements for CNC/Machining

MOS Experience Level 30

CNC Department Proficiency Exam



CSC-112 Computer Fundamentals for Technology I/A (2)        
CSC-113 Computer Fundamentals for Technology I/B (2)        
ECN-120 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) OR        
ECN-130 Principles of Microeconomics (3) OR        
HUM-110 Changes and Choices (3) OR     x x
POL-111 American National Government (3) OR        
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology (3) OR        
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology (3)        
ENG-105 Composition I (3) OR       x (ENG108)
ENG-107 Composition I: Technical Writing (3)     x (ENG105) x (ENG108)
HUM-105 Working in America OR        
IND-222 Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning (3)        
MAT-733 Math for Technologies A (1.5)        
MAT-734 Math for Technologies B (1.5)        
MFG-105 Machine Shop Measuring (3)   x    
MFG-111 Machinery's Handbook (1)        
MFG-112 Drills and Saws (2)   x    
MFG-113 Vertical/Horizontal Mills (5.5) x x    
MFG-114 Surface Grinding (2.5)   x    
MFG-115 Lathe Work (4.5) x x    
MFG-116 Carbide Tooling (1)        
MFG-117 Cylindrical Grinding (1.5)        
MFG-118 Machine Tool Project (4)        
MFG-140 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (1)        
MFG-151 CNC Fundamentals (2)        
MFG-186 Plant Safety (1)        
MFG-190 Metallurgy (2)        
MFG-192 Blueprint Reading (3)        
MFG-229 CNC Project (4)        
MFG-372 SolidWorks/MasterCam Applications (3)        
PHY-185 Conceptual Physicals Fundamentals I (2)        
PHY-186 Conceptual Physicals Fundamentals II (2)        

Total Credits

  • 10 total credits for MOS Experience Level 30 
  • 17.5 total credits for CNC Department Proficiency Exam



1. Academic Residency: Sixteen (16) of your last 32 credits earned prior to graduation must be completed at a college of EICC.

2. Limitation on credit by examination and prior learning portfolio: No more than 46 credits earned through examination and/or portfolio may be applied to an associate degree and no more than 30 of these credits may be earned through CLEP examination.