92G Cook

EICC Culinary Arts Program Contact: Brad Scott
 Course# Course Title MOS Related Credit
Level 30
MOS Related Credit
Level 40 & 50
Culinary Arts
Department Proficiency Exam
CSC:110 Intro to Computers (3)     x    
HCM:100 Sanitation and Safety  (2) Provide valid manager's license issued by State of IL or ServSafe Provide valid manager's license issued by State of IL or ServSafe      
HCM:116 Fundamentals of Baking (3)     x    
HCM:154 Basic Food Preparation (2)     x    
HCM:156 Intermediate Food Prep  (3)          
HCM:160 Advanced Food Preparation  (3)          
HCM:180 Food Fundamentals (2)          
HCM:182 Intermediate Baking (3)          
HCM:197 Intro to Catering  (2)          
HCM:199 Batch Cooking (2)          
HCM:212 Industry Management (3)          
HCM:233 Menu Planning and Nutrition  (3)          
HCM:241 Menu Planning and Sales Promotion (3)          
HCM:255 Purchasing  (3)          
HCM:265 Math for Hospitality  (3)       x  
HCM:280 Food Cost Accounting   (3)          
HCM:301 Beverage Control  (3)          
HCM:589 Intro to Restaurant Mgmt  (3)          
HCM:932 Culinary Internship  (two of 2 cr each for a total of 4 cr)) Provide documentation of work hours Provide documentation of work hours      
HUM:110 Changes and Choices  (3)       x x
SPC:112 Public Speaking (3)         x
Potentially 6 Credits MOS CreLevel 30

  1. Academic Residency: Sixteen (16) of your last 32 credits earned prior to graduation must be completed at a college of EICC.
  2. Limitation on credit by examination and prior learning portfolio: No more than 46 credits earned through examination and/or portfolio may be applied to an associate degree and no more than 30 of these credits may be earned through CLEP examination.