Transfer Checklist

Community College Transfer Student Checklist

  1. Visit your EICC advisor to ask any questions you might have and to begin gathering information on possible transfer options.

  2. Does your transfer college have an admissions partnership or joint enrollment agreement with EICC? If so, sign up!

  3. Send for transfer information and catalogs from four-year colleges and universities that interest you. Consider scheduling a transfer visit day on those campuses as well.

  4. Find out about transfer requirements and deadlines for your chosen transfer institution and major.

  5. Make an appointment with a department advisor or admissions person at your chosen transfer institution to talk about your major and to plan your course of study at EICC.

  6. Complete and send the application(s) for admission with the application fee(s) —check for due dates. Many applications can be completed online.

  7. Complete and send the required financial aid and scholarship applications along with any additional required documents. NOTE: If an essay is required, it is very important that you make a concerted effort to communicate your thoughts thoroughly. Very often, the essay is the determining factor!

  8. Determine if there are any additional placement tests that the transfer institution will require you to take for admission or placement in courses.

  9. Have official EICC transcripts (and official high school transcripts, if necessary) sent to the transfer institution.

  10. Check on immunization requirements for the institution and complete verification forms if needed.

  11. After you are accepted by the transfer institution, request that your transfer credits be certified by the transfer institution.

  12. Select classes with the help of an advisor at the transfer institution and register (or pre-register) for classes for the upcoming term.

  13. Pay fees by deadlines.

  14. Participate in orientation programs and buy books and supplies.