EICConnect Walkthrough

How to use the new EICConnect


Here's your guide to navigating and using the new EICConnect. Learn more about the new features in EICConnect, including:


Logging In


When you try to access EICConnect, you will be presented with an EICC branded login page. You can log in with your @live.eicc.edu or @eicc.edu email and password. If you need help signing in, please contact the helpdesk.

Log in screen for EICConnect

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The homepage is the first page you see when logging in. The announcements at the top are posted by EICC and you will only see the announcements targeted at you. Announcements are sorted by start time and  expire at a specified end time. The cards you see below the announcements on this page are customizable by you. Organize cards by grabbing the top of a card and dragging it to the desired position. A card can also be removed from this view by clicking the grey bookmark in the top right of a card. Don’t worry, any card can be brought back from the Discover page.

EICConnect Homepage Screenshot

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Navigation Menu

Clicking the hamburger button in the top left pulls out the navigation menu. Home is a customized view of all the cards you want to see as well as the announcements targeted to you. Discover is the place to find new cards to add to your homepage. Academics, Community, Reporting, and My Account are views that show cards directly related to those topics. Those cards can still be found in Discover and added to your homepage but it is an organized way to view cards by topic. Profile will show you your profile details and Sign out will sign you out of EICConnect. The resources section contains some important links that are useful to everyone. Below the resources section are EICC's social media links.

EICConnect navigation menu screenshot

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The Discover page is where all cards exist that you have access to. You can click the bookmark icon on any card you want on your homepage. This adds it to your homepage and you can organize the card there. Search for cards using the search bar or click one of the tags across the top to see cards tagged with that topic.

EICConnect Discover Page screenshot

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Academics, Community, Reporting, and My Account

The Academics, Community, Reporting, and My Account are simply views of the Discover page that only contains the cards related to the topic. For example, the Academics page shows all cards available to you that are related to academics. Just like the Discover page, you can search or filter for cards using the search bar or tags.

EICConnect views in Discover page screenshot

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