Self Service Password Management

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges will be changing the way you manage resetting or requesting your network password. When you arrive at your computer, you will see your login screen. When you have the username and password visible, you will see the word “Reset” just below that. This one link will allow you to reset your password on your own as well as request a new password if you are not able to remember your current one. This streamlined system gives you control of accessing your password, giving you an immediate response so you can start your day and reduce the calls you have to make to the helpdesk.

How to use Self Service Password Reset

  1. Within your initial login screen, you will see the link called “Reset Password.” Click on that link before attempting to log in.

    EICConnect log in screen and Reset Password link

  2. There will be a few steps to take in order to reset your password. The first screen will request your school email account. That will be the school account ending in Once entered, click next.

    Microsoft reset password screen
  3. Next, you will be asked what method you would like to be notified. The quickest method is generally your cell phone (which can be selected in the drop down box). Otherwise, you can select to send a verification code to your alternate email address. Once you select your method, enter your information when prompted. Click next when finished.

    Microsoft screen verfication steps
  4. The next request will be for the verification code that was sent to either your email or cell phone (depending on what you selected). Enter the verification code and click next.

    Get back inito your account screen

  5. The system will need to have a second method of sending your verification code. Select the second method, enter your information and click next. A verification code will be sent to you per the method you indicated. Enter the verification code once you receive it.

    Get back into your account screen
  6. After setup, you will be able to enter your new password. Enter your password and hit next.

  7. Once your password is entered and you click on next, the final screen will show. Click on Finish. You are now ready to enter the new password you created.

    Get back into your account final screen with Finish button