E-mail Security – Barracuda

Effective January 24

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges as part of our enhanced cyber security measures is providing Barracuda Email Security Service.  Barracuda helps protect against spam, viruses and phishing.  Barracuda will become available to students on January 24.  Please follow the below directions to activate Barracuda.

Barracuda E-mail Security Service User Guide

The Barracuda Email Security Service is a cloud-based email security service that protects both inbound and outbound email against the latest spam, viruses, worms, phishing, and denial of service attacks. The Barracuda Email Security Service web interface includes the Message Log from which you can manage your quarantined messages. Additionally, you can set account preferences based on features enabled for your account by the administrator.

Permissions may include:

  • Modify quarantine notification report settings. Set email receipt frequency with a list of messages in your quarantine account. Once received, you can select whether to delete or deliver these messages to your email address.
  • Create exemption (accept mail from), block, or quarantine policies for email addresses, domains, and users.
  • Manage quarantine inbox delivery or delete quarantined messages.

Below is a general guide to get you started, but you may find the full User guide at https://campus.barracuda.com/product/essentials/doc/3211272/barracuda-email-security-service-userguide/ 

Login to Barracuda

Navigate to https://ess.barracudanetworks.com to login.

Enter your domain email address and click Next.

Barracude login screen

Enter your email password in the Microsoft prompt.

Microsoft log in screen

Message Log

Barracuda Email Security Service (BESS) web interface includes the Message Log from which you can manage your quarantined mail. From the message log, you will be able to mark mail as Spam, Not Spam, categorize e-mails, and choose to export mail. Filtering mail using the dropdown menu is also an option. Note that messages expire in the log after 30 days.

Barracuda Message Log Screen

Quarantined Mail

BESS will notify you on a regular interval of your quarantined mail. Your administrator sets the quarantine notification interval. The notification of quarantined e-mail will look similar to below. Note that quarantined messages expire after 30 days.

Barracuda Quarantined Mail Screen

Set Quarantine Notification Interval

Quarantined messages are deleted after 30 days. You can direct the Barracuda Email Security Service to notify you by email when you have quarantined messages. When set to Yes, messages that would normally be blocked are instead quarantined. This setting does not apply to messages blocked by Sender or Content policies. On the Settings > Quarantine Notification page, select Scheduled. Click and drag in the Schedule notification intervals section to set the day and time for quarantine notification email delivery. Click to clear a selection. Alternatively, select Never if you do not want to receive quarantine notifications. Click Save Changes to save your settings.

Quarantine Notification Screen

Sender Policy

Allows you to block or quarantine mail based on domain or email address. Simply add the domain name or full email address to the policy and choose which action. Once the fields are filled out, select the add button.

Barracuda Sender Policy Screen