Zahra Basti

Zahra BastiShe/Her/Hers

Academic Advisor

Phone: 563-441-4004
Office: SCC Belmont Campus

Advises the following programs: 

I joined EICC as an adjunct faculty in 2004. After working for several years on  Adult Ed side, I accepted Academic Advisor position in SCC, Belmont campus in January 2021. 

My biggest joy at work is seeing my students’ determination to fulfill their dreams despite all the limitation they may have in their lives, and discussing with my colleagues the best advising practices to support the students. I think being an immigrant myself and my ELA /ESL background have helped me to become a stronger and more compassionate advisor, and understand students fears and challenges.

I love world literature, art and cinema. Through them I think we can break time, space and language barriers and create a new world full of understanding and admiration for each other. I have a master degree in Ancient languages and cultures. I have translated 12 books in archaeology and history area from English to my native language. I have published several original articles about ancient mythologies and cultures.

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