Angelique Kimble

Angelique KimbleShe/Hers

Academic advisor, Facilitator for International Students, Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 563-441-4065
Office: Student Services, Belmont Campus

Advises the following programs: 

  • ASL
  • ECE
  • Pre-engineering
  • Pre-chiropractic

I graduated from Black Hawk College with an Associates of Science in Broadcasting . I then transferred to Illinois State University with my two year old son to complete a Bachelors of Mass Communications . I’ve worked at the college for 16 years and as an advisor for the last 5.  After the suggestion of our chancellor I earned my master’s degree while working a full- time job and caring for my family, so I could teach online. My passion is to help others in my same situation advance their education to achieve their goals.

I spend my free time exploring the world seeking new experiences! Those experiences including cooking/eating new foods, travel and living off the land.

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