College Newspapers

Photo of female student at light tableClinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges' student newspapers are each an active part of the student life at their respective colleges. The newspapers are distributed, free of charge, at the campuses and keep students up to date on what's happening.


Clinton Community College's Gallery is printed monthly. Membership is open to all students especially those who are interested in journalism, expressive and creative writing, advertising production and sales. For information contact Gallery Advisor Beth Hafner or 563-244-7173.

The Gallery also has a blog page new window and a Facebook page new window.


Muscatine Community College's Calumet is published ten times during the academic year. Students may earn one, two or three hours of credit by working on the staff through practice in communication classes. Students may earn up to six total credit hours. The Calumet is also open to all students of Muscatine Community College. The Calumet is a forum for student expression, and students make all content decisions, write headlines and design the paper. For information contact advisor Mark Ridolfi.

The Great Scott Times

Established in the spring of 2006, Scott Community College's The Great Scott Times is open to all students. Positions are open for both news and sports writers, photographers, advertising sales, copy editors and even cartoonists. No experience is necessary and credit is available for some positions. The paper is not in production at this time.