Truck Driving

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Program Description

American business moves by truck, and the demand for reliable drivers is always high. Graduates of Scott Community College's ten-week Truck Driving program are sought for employment by area and national trucking firms who visit or call the campus regularly to recruit.

The 10-week program provides a minimum of 32 hours per week behind the wheel, city and highway driving. Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations are thoroughly covered. An important component is the first aid and CPR course.

The program devotes 64 hours to classroom instruction. Students are also prepared to take and pass the Commercial Driver's License exam, a necessity for all commercial drivers in the United States. Graduates earn nine hours of college credit.

Day sessions start every seven weeks beginning in February and ending in November. Evening sessions are offered in April and July.

Description of the Profession

A truck driver is a professional who may drive for a company, but is basically in business for him or herself. He or she must be good at time and business management and be committed to safe and courteous driving in all kinds of weather.

Drivers must know how to navigate a route that may take them all the way across the United States, and they must know their vehicle inside and out. Truck drivers may find themselves on the road for two weeks at a time, making the preceding skills extremely important.

A local driver may be required to load and unload the trailer. Over-the-road drivers who haul palletized loads are not required to load or unload. Different loads make various demands of the driver.

Overall, a truck driving professional takes pride in his or her work and company, and consequently, may earn a great living with full benefits. After some experience, a driver may become an owner-operator.

Typical Duties

  • Vehicle Inspection (pre and post-trip)
  • Proper Driving Procedures
  • Keeping Log Books (For safety and legality)
  • Responsibility for Freight

Job Outlook

Overall employment of truck drivers and driver/sales workers is expected to grow 21 percent over the 2010-20 decade, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. As the economy grows, the demand for goods will increase, which will lead to more job opportunities. Because it is such a large occupation, 291,900 new jobs will be created over the 2008-18 period.

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Employment Opportunities

Placement opportunities for gradate of Scott Community College’s Truck Driver Training program are excellent. The Occupational Outlook Handbook states, “The occupation has among the largest number of job openings each year...growth in demand will create thousands of openings...”

Locally, our graduates can expect the same. Most graduates land a good job right away - many before graduation. The reputation of SCC's Truck Driving program is so strong, that trucking firms visit the campus regularly to solicit applications from our students. Our strong program completion and placement rates are proof.

Salaries start at about $32,000 per year with full benefits. The need has been so great for good employees, some companies pay experienced drivers as much as $60,000 to $70,000 annually.