The University of Iowa Transfer Notes

Secondary Education Transfer Major, AA

Students are encouraged to use the following information while planning their associate’s degree at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. This information is intended to assist students in the transfer process to The University of Iowa to pursue a bachelor’s degree in secondary education teacher licensure after the completion of the associate’s degree.

  • World Language Requirement-The University of Iowa College of Education requires students to complete the 4th level of one world language for graduation. Students can fulfill this through 4 years in high school or 4 semesters in college. This is not a transfer requirement, but students are strongly encouraged to complete this while at EICC if not already completed in high school.

  • Teacher Licensure-To qualify for licensure in secondary teaching, students in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) complete a degree in education as well as a related College of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree. See Teacher Education Program Application and Admission on the College of Education website for details on requirements and deadlines for applying to the College of Education and about TEP choices of majors leading to licensure.

  • Electives and General Education Options-Students should refer to the content area they plan to teach to find additional electives and general education coursework that will transfer well. In some instances, it may make sense for a student to select a Transfer Major Associate’s Degree in the content area they wish to teach instead of the Secondary Education Transfer Major, AA.
  • Additional resources can also be found on the EICC University of Iowa Transfer Page.

  • Students are encouraged to reference The University of Iowa College of Education Transfer Guide.

EICC strongly recommends you contact your intended transfer institution for specific transfer information and course recommendations. Transfer Partners ultimately determine the transferability of courses and how they will apply toward bachelor degree progress. Completion of a Transfer Major, AA degree does not guarantee admission to a Transfer Partner. Transfer admission requirements are determined by Transfer Partners. EICC strongly recommends you contact your intended transfer institution for information about admission requirements.