Technical Studies, Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Student using a drill pressYou have skills, knowledge and abilities gained from years on the job, participation in an apprenticeship, an on-the-job training program, or from general life and work experiences. Those skills and abilities can be validated through Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Community College.

Validation means that skills are evaluated, and, if they meet the criteria, credits are awarded and put toward completion of a degree. Credits are judged in a variety of ways, depending upon which method works best for your field of study. This could be a written test, a performance test or a compilation of your work called Credit for Prior Learning.

The end result is an Associate in Applied Science degree in the career field in which you have the most experience and interest.

The AAS degree in Technical Studies consists of a total of 64 credits. Some of these will come from Credit for Prior Learning and be combined with credits earned from the following components. 

Core Concentration for Technical Studies

24 credit hours of this degree program must come from one program-specific area (for example, auto technology, interior design, industrial technology…).

Elective Courses for Technical Studies

22 credit hours of this degree program can be selected from any of the current career program (AAS) courses offered at the colleges.

General Education for Technical Studies

18 credit hours from the following concentrations:

3 cr. English or Communications
3 cr. Math or Science
3 cr. Microcomputer Applications (CS:114)
3 cr. Arts & Humanities
3 cr. Cultural and Historical Perspectives
3 cr. Social Science

Requirements for Admission into Technical Studies Program

  • Complete the required paperwork for requesting Credit for Prior Learning. A maximum of 46 credit hours may be earned toward the Technical Studies AAS degree through Credit for Prior Learning.
  • Pay corresponding testing fee (depending upon the skill evaluation method used portfolio development, written test, performance test, etc.)
  • You will be billed a transcription fee of $9 per credit hour for all credit awarded.
  • Work with an advisor to complete and file an educational Course of Study Plan with the registrar's office.
  • You will be awarded an AAS in Technical Studies upon completion of the Course of Study Plan requirements.