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Discover a new career in real estate! A staggering 7.2 million homes were sold last year, and experts predict sales to remain steady.

Our 60-hour online course will provide you with: 1) the most comprehensive coverage of all required aspects of the real estate industry; and 2) help you successfully pass the Iowa Real Estate Licensing Examination. (60 hours) $425*

After completion of this online course, an additional 36 hours of classroom coursework is required before you can apply for your real estate license (Listing Practices, 12 hours; Buying Practices, 12hours; and Developing Professionalism and Ethical Practices, 12 hours OR New Agent Training, 36 hours). Most of the classroom courses are offered in the Des Moines area.

Before registering for this class, please contact Julie Aye at 563-336-3305.

*Fees are subject to change. 

Online Real Estate Pre-License Course Overview

The course is entirely self-contained online – no additional textbooks or study materials are needed.

   - No additional classroom time is required
   - No instructor or course assistance is available
   - No additional books or study material are required or provided.
   - Additional study material is available for purchase.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Purchase Online Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Class

Students should purchase the "Iowa Real Estate Principles" online course directly from the RECampus website. This course includes both Iowa and National real estate exam principles and will prepare you to take your Iowa real estate exam.

The Iowa Association of REALTORS® will be notified that you have purchased the course and a packet of information will be mailed to you within three business days of course purchase.

Included in the packet is a PSI testing booklet to explain how to sign-up for the exam, a Student Affidavit  to ensure your correct name is on your certificate of completion, step-by-step directions on what you need to do to become a licensed real estate salesperson in Iowa, Iowa Real Estate Principles study materials, and an order form for additional study materials.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy: Students requesting a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase will be given a full refund. 31-60 days students will be charged a $125 cancellation fee. 61-90 days a cancellation fee of $200 will be charged. Beyond 90 days no refund is available. No refund is available once the course has been completed.

Step 2: Complete Online Course

You have six (6) months from the date and time of purchase to complete the Iowa Real Estate Principles course. Upon completion the Iowa Association of REALTORS® will be notified and your certificate of completion will be issued by mail and e-mail within six (6) business days of course completion. Completion of the online course is contingent upon the completion of:

  1. The tutorial
  2. Every Unit (mandatory to move forward in course)
  3. Every Unit Exam with 90% correct
  4. Final Examination with 90% correct OR a final exam with a minimum of 70% correct and a minimum of 60 hours of clocked study time.
  5. Fax or mail in student affidavit

You MUST present the certificate of completion to the testing center and attach to your license application – DO NOT LOSE YOUR CERTIFICATE.

Students may repeat units, unit exams, and final examinations as many times as necessary to achieve the required number correct.

Technical Support:  RECampus, the company that houses the course, provides technical support for students who have questions or problems with their web browser or the technical side of the course. Technical support hours are: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 9PM and Saturday-Sunday, 8AM to 7PM Central Time. If you experience ANY technical difficulties your first call should be to the RECampus technical support hotline at:

Technical Support Hotline
Technical support is also available to discuss the requirements necessary to run the online course on your computer.

Step 3: Schedule your Iowa Real Estate Salesperson Examination

You must schedule your salesperson exam with PSI testing service, 800-733-9267. The exam is given by appointment only and available in West Des Moines, Council Bluffs and Cedar Rapids. Your school number is 028.

You must present your certificate of completion to the testing center the day of the exam – so do not schedule your exam until you have received your certificate of completion. Your certificate of completion will be emailed and mailed to you, but keep in mind this will be done during regular business hours (Monday – Friday). The office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and all holidays.
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Additional Links: RECampusPSI testing service

Locations: Clinton Community College, Muscatine Community College, Scott Community College