Mechanical Design Skills

Mechanical Design Technicians assist engineers in design and development work by preparing detailed drawings showing exact dimensions and specifications.  Most drawings are prepared on the computer (CAD system) utilizing advanced knowledge and skills of drafting, design, mechanical operations, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, strength of material, and solid modeling. 

In some instances mechanical design technicians will work with solid modeling software such as Pro-Engineer (basic modeling, basic detailing, assemblies, and sheet metal) for comprehensive design and processing of different mechanical/geometrical sub-assemblies, and/or systems.

Each course in the Mechanical Design program has been developed around a set of CADD Skill Standards, National Occupational Skill Standards.  These standards were prepared by the National Coalition of Advanced Manufacturing located at 2000 L. St., NW, Washington, DC  20036.  The phone number is 202-429-2220. For a copy of the standards, please see the Front Desk at the John T. Blong Technology Center.

In each course, rather than list all of the standards, numbers will be used to reflect which standards are being used.  If a student wishes to look up the standards, just go to the website above or look at the hard copy at the front desk.  

An example of how this information will be shown in each module is as follows: I, A, 1(a)*. 
*Fundamental Drafting Skills / A. Drafting Skills / 1(a) would be shown as I, A, 1(a).  It would stand for the Skill “Use drawing media and related drafting materials.”  Its Objectives would be to “Identify the characteristics and types of vellum, mylar, plotting pens, plotting pencils, ink and toner cartridges.”  The Standard would be “Select drawing media from among the following choices . . .”

The following Table of Contents is taken from the CADD Skill Standards.  It will help you understand the organization of the standards shown in each module.

Table of Contents

(CADD Skill Standards, National Occupational Skill Standards)

  1. Fundamental Drafting Skills
    1. Drafting Skills
    2. Orthographic Projections
    3. Pictorial Drawings
    4. Dimensioning

  2. Fundamental Computer Skills
    1. Hardware
    2. Physical and Safety Needs
    3. Operating Systems

  3. Basic CADD Skills
    1. Create
    2. Edit
    3. Manipulate
    4. Analyze
    5. Dimensioning

  4. Advanced CADD Skills
    1. Create
    2. Edit
    3. Manipulate
    4. Analyze
    5. Productivity and Work  Habits