In addition to the EHS degree and certificate options, we also offer a wide array of employee training options. These options provide employers the opportunity to obtain short-term training for their employees in such areas as Lock Out/Tag Out, Hazardous Wastesite Worker (HAZWOPER), DOT Required Hazardous Materials Training, Confined Space Awareness, Electrical Safety and much more.

For a complete listing of the available classes, see the Environmental, Health and Safety Training section.

Training Discount

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program, in conjunction with the Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI), is pleased to offer up to 50% off the regular training course price for currently registered students in the EHS Distance Learning Program and the Certificate Program at Scott Community College!

This discount also applies to students who have graduated from SCC or will graduate from SCC for a period of six months after graduation. This not only benefits you personally but this incentive can be beneficial for your employer as well – if the course is paid by your employer, they save money.

For future employment opportunities, this can be a selling point for you when you become employed. Your training will cost the employer less than what is normally anticipated.


There are nearly 60 health, safety and environmental (HSE) training courses available to choose from. In general, several of these courses are regulatory requirements for employment in the HSE fields. A few of the training courses offered include HAZWOPER 40-Hour, HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour General Industry Outreach, OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy Regulations (Lock Out/Tag Out), and DOT Required Hazardous Materials Training. All the courses offered can be found on the Environmental, Health and Safety Training webpages.


A course schedule can be found at on the Environmental, Health and Safety Training webpages.


If you have a few key training courses on your resume, you have greatly increased your chances of landing that great employment opportunity. Many employers require job candidates to be trained as a condition of employment. How many job advertisements have you seen that mention training as a prerequisite?


If you are interested in registering for a particular course, please contact Kory Winter at 563-336-3386. A special registration number that corresponds to the course and the discounted amount will be issued to you. You will receive the same training as those who have registered at the regular amount. Please keep in mind if you register using the registration number given on the website, you will be charged the regular amount for that course.