Honors Service Learning Project

The Honors Service Learning Project aims to give students valuable real-world experience within their chosen fields, while also encouraging them to use their skills to serve others. It is a one-credit hour course. To complete an Honors Service Project, a student must volunteer at least 33 hours at a not-for-profit organization over a period of 8 to 14 weeks. The student’s volunteer work must be related to their major or career goals.

In completing the Honors Service Learning Project, students explore their field by volunteering for a not-for-profit organization. While volunteering, students keep a regular journal that is shared with the Service Project Coordinator and reflects upon their daily experiences. After they have completed their volunteer work, students write a reaction paper on their overall experiences.

The Honors Service Learning Project Coordinator works with students to help them find a suitable organization to volunteer for, and will also act as a contact person for the students and the organization the duration of the Honors Service Project.

The organization that the student volunteers for must be a not-for-profit organization, or a non-partisan aspect of a government entity.

SCC students have completed a wide variety of Honors Service Learning Projects, representing many different fields and organizations. Some past examples include:

  • Serving as a lab assistant at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
  • Assisting with surgeries and spaying and neutering animals at the Quad City Animal Welfare Center
  • Assisting in the Special Collections Department at the Davenport Public Library
  • Educating teenagers about HIV and AIDS at the AIDS Project of the Quad Cities
  • Providing clerical assistance for the Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce
  • Answering crisis lines and observing counseling sessions at the Davenport Domestic Violence Center
  • Learning disaster relief procedures at the Quad City Red Cross

Reaction papers from these and many more past Honors Service Learning Projects can be found in the SCC Library at Belmont Campus. Reading these is a valuable way to understand what an Honors Service Project entails, and also get ideas for future projects.