Engage in Personal Exploration

The Honors Program offers many opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of their world while pursuing topics that interest them. Independent Studies allow students to take an interest and turn it into a definitive project.

Service Projects invite students to apply their skills and knowledge in a way that serves others. Seminars engage students in learning about advanced concepts from dynamic professors. Together, all of these get students thinking about how they can translate their interests into something that they have a deep knowledge and driving passion for.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Employers and schools favor candidates who show initiative, think creatively, grasp advanced ideas, and are involved in the community. Not only is participating in the Honors Program a great way to demonstrate these skills, the program itself is also a perfect environment to sharpen them.

Seminars, Independent Studies, and Service Projects require students to go beyond the expectations of traditional class work. Students are challenged to develop strong critical thinking skills and also integrate their knowledge with their interests and aspirations.

The Honors Program also gives students opportunities to interact one-on-one with professionals in their field. This is an effective way to gain valuable insight about a field, and also a potential way to network within it.

Transfer Honors Program Classes

The Honors Program at SCC has developed articulation agreements with Honors Programs at numerous other colleges and universities. This means that students are able to apply classes that they take within the Honors Program at SCC towards the requirements of many other Honors Programs. Articulation agreements vary amongst different schools, so students who would like detailed information are encouraged to contact Brooke Oehme, or 563-441-4129.

The Honors Program has Articulation Agreements with:

  • Iowa State University
  • Saint Ambrose
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • University of Iowa
  • Western Illinois University

Receive Special Recognition

SCC recognizes the special accomplishments of students within the Honors Program in various ways:

  • Students who complete the Honors Program receive special distinction upon graduation. Their completion of the Honors Program is noted in their transcripts, and they receive special mention at the graduation ceremony.
  • SCC hosts a yearly banquet for Honors Program participants. This is designed as an opportunity for students to celebrate their hard work with their mentors, as well as showcase their projects to family, faculty, and all those who contribute to the Honors Program.
  • Independent Studies, Service Project reaction papers, and Seminar essays that receive approval from the Honors Committee are bound and placed in the SCC Library at the Belmont Campus.
  • At the Belmont Campus, there is also a special study room that is reserved exclusively for students within the Honors Program.