Dental Assisting Performance Standards

The Dental Assistant must have sufficient strength, motor coordination and manual dexterity to:

  • Transport, move, lift and transfer patients from a wheelchair to the dental chair,
  • Move, adjust and manipulate a variety of equipment, and
  • Transfer operative and surgical instruments proficiently.
  • The Dental Assistant must be capable of
  • Handling stressful situations related to technical and procedural standards and patient care situations;
  • Providing physical and emotional support to the patient during the dental procedures, being able to respond to situations requiring first aid and providing emergency care to the patient in the absence of, or until the dentist arrives; and
  • Communicating verbally in an effective manner in order to direct patients during dental examinations.
  • The Dental Assistant must have the mental and intellectual capacity to:
  • Calculate accounts, transactions, bank deposits and reconcile bank statements accurately,
  • Calculate payroll deductions accurately