Dental Assisting Online Classes

The Dental Assisting program is now offering part of its curriculum online. Below are the classes that are currently available online. Prerequisite and co-requisite course information can be found at the bottom.

  • DEA: 201 Head and Neck Anatomy
    • This course will include the basic study of structure and functions of the human body. Emphasis will be placed on head and neck anatomy.
    • Co-requisite: DEA-257 Dental Anatomy

  • DEA: 257 Dental Anatomy
    • This course introduces histology, embryology and gross anatomy of the deciduous and permanent teeth. This also includes the structure, function and form of individual teeth and supportive tissue.
    • Co-requisite: DEA-201 Head & Neck Anatomy

  • DEA: 268 Pharmacy & Emergency Procedures for Dental Assisting
    • This course is a study of the natures, action and uses of drugs seen in a dental setting. The student also will learn how to respond to the various emergencies that may occur in a dental office.

  • DEA: 285 Oral Pathology for Dental Assistants
    • Introduction to the general principles of pathology.  An emphasis is on the specifics of disease entities of local and systemic origins to enable interpretation by the dental auxiliary of the medical and dental history with emphasis on specific oral pathology. Terminology is a focus, with descriptions of oral lesions and their treatment.

  • DEA: 293 Microbiology and Infection Control
    • This course will acquaint the dental assisting student with a general knowledge of microbiology. Students will be presented the infection control procedures and protection protocols based on OSHA standards and CDC guidelines.
    • Background in Biology is recommended

  • DEA: 702 Dental Office Procedures
    • Emphasizes procedures for office management in dental practices. Topics include: oral and written communication, appointment control, recall systems, resumes, supply inventory, record management, dental insurance preparation, financial arrangements, patient accounts, credit and collection, banking, salaries, tax forms, patient correspondence, legal and ethical conduct, and basic computer skills. A computer lab provides basic skills in computer use and utilization of the dental office software to perform office procedures.
    • Prerequisites:DEA-257 Dental Anatomy

If a student is enrolled part-time the following are the prerequisite courses:

  • DEA:293 Microbiology and Infection Control
  • DEA:201 Head and Neck Anatomy
  • DEA:257 Dental Anatomy

For full-time students:

  • DEA:201  Head and Neck Anatomy
  • DEA:257  Dental Anatomy
  • DEA:293  Microbiology and Infection Control
  • DEA:304  Dental Radiography Lecture
  • DEA:305  Dental Radiography Lab
  • DEA:520  Dental Assisting I Lecture
  • DEA:521  Dental Assisting I Lab
  • DEA:421  Dental Materials Lecture
  • DEA:425  Dental Materials Lab

Co-Requisite Courses:

  • DEA:215  Preventive Dentistry and Nutrition
  • DEA:522  Dental Assisting II Lab
  • DEA:268  Pharmacy and Emergency Procedures
  • DEA:576  Dental Assisting Clinic I
  • DEA:604  Dental Specialties