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Online Student Support

Claire Brakel Packer

We have an Online Student Support Specialist to help you succeed while you take online classes with us. Claire is available:

Contact Claire Brakel Packer at or 563-336-3434.


Important Information for Online Students

Online fees are NOT refundable:

  • After August 20 for 16 week Term and First 8-Week Term
  • After September 17 for 12-Week Term
  • After October 13 for Second 8-Week Term
  • The majority of the online classes offered through EICC and ICCOC are NOT SELF-PACED

If you answer no to one or more of the questions below, online may not be for you

  • On average, will you be able to dedicate 12-18 HOURS PER WEEK to each of your 8-Week, 12-Week and/or 16-Week Online classes?
  • Can you follow written instructions?
  • Can you solve problems on your own?
  • Are you organized, disciplined, and motivated?
  • Do you prefer face-to-face interaction?

Holidays and breaks are not observed by fully online classes. This means you will still have assignments and work to do over the same period of time that the campuses are closed.

Academic Support

  • You can find out the name of your Academic Advisor in EICConnect - Self Service - Student Planning Module - Plan & Schedule - Advising tab.

  • Students who need and request academic accommodations for their online courses must have a Student Accommodations Plan established at their home colleges with the appropriate Academic Accommodations/Disabilities Services staff persons. 

Study Strategies

  • Write down and prioritize study goals, and see each of these as positive steps to achieving your life and career goals.
  • Have a good attitude about studying.
  • Plan study time into your schedule every day of the week. Even if it is to review information for 30 minutes, it will help you stay on track.
  • Gain control of your study environment. Turn all media off, and resist the urge to check your phone or social networking site. Use that as a “10-minute break” once you have completed an hour of study.
  • If you have a family, discuss your study schedule with them and that you cannot be disturbed during this time.
  • Seek help from your instructor and/or a tutor before it is too late.

Time Management - What is the 2:1 Rule?

Generally speaking for every one hour of credit hour, you will need to invest at least two hours of study and course work.

Be sure to plan your life accordingly! How will attending to your courses impact your relationships and work?

Make sure that everyone you care about knows how your time will be affected. Try to develop a solid support network to help insure your success!


Where can I get tutoring assistance?

All three of our colleges work hard to provide tutoring services, free of charge, to their students. Whether it's the Student Success Center in Clinton, the Skills Center in Muscatine or the Student Success Center at Scott, we're here to help. All three centers are open weekdays and most evenings. All you have to do is stop in and ask for help! Find more information here.

Online tutoring is also available to all EICC students through fully-online classes, Flex Blended (hybrid) courses, and eCompanions for face to face classes, through Smarthinking.

Each student has a total of 15 hours of tutoring services for the academic year (August through July), regardless of how many courses the student is taking.

Students access this service by clicking on the Online Tutoring link under Course Home within their courses. An additional username or password is not needed to access Smarthinking.

For more details about SmartThinking as well as other resources located within a course, visit the Student Resource page new window