Textbook and Bookstore Information


Most online courses require a physical textbook. You will be required to locate and purchase your textbooks before the start of class. Financial aid may be used to cover the cost of books, if they are purchased at your campus bookstore. You can check your available bookstore funds on EICConnect new window  under E-bridge -> Students -> Financial Information -> Available Bookstore Funds.

Buying a Textbook Online

Once you are registered for classes, you can search for the textbook you need on the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Go to Textbooks -> Find Textbooks and input your classes. Be sure to select your campus (Clinton, Muscatine, or Scott).

If you order online from our campus Barnes & Noble Bookstores they offer the option to ship books to your home.

If you decide to purchase books from another retailer, be sure to select the correct ISBN, edition, and publisher. You may want to check with your instructor before purchasing a text from a 3rd party retailer to ensure that no additional materials (cds, software download codes, etc) are required with the textbook. *Barnes & Noble does have a price match program, they will price match Amazon, bn.com, & local competitors.

You can find the list of needed textbooks with your schedule by going to EICConnect -> My Bookmarks (on the right-hand side) -> Class Schedule. Pick the correct term and click "submit."

Our Bookstore Websites

Other Materials

Several courses require additional materials such as lab kits, software, or safety materials. Be sure to purchase these so that you have them when the course begins. They are listed along with the book on the Barnes & Noble website as well as in your course syllabus.

Digital Course Fee/Embedded Textbooks

Some classes include a digital materials fee. You may not be required to purchase a physical textbook for some of these courses. Check your course syllabus. A fee will be assessed to cover the cost of the embedded content. You can access this content directly in the online classroom.