Eastern Iowa Community College uses the power of technology to provide more flexible options for its students. In addition to traditional online programs delivered directly to your computer via the internet, we also offer three different Flexclass options.

  • Flexclass Streaming
    Flexclass Streaming includes classrooms at different sites. The instructor is at one site with students, while also video and audio streaming simultaneously to students in other classrooms at one or more distant sites.

  • Flexclass Blended
    Flexclass Blended are classes delivered both in a traditional classroom and online. Students attend classes in the classroom part of the time and have additional online classwork to be completed. 

  • Flexclass Blended Streaming
    Flexclass Blended Streaming is a combination of Flexclass Streaming and Blended. Classes are taught simultaneously part of the time in two or more traditional classrooms, with video and audio streaming between the rooms, and the remainder of the work is completed online.

Online Classes
EICC is a part of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium offering a full degree program online. Classes are available wherever you have access to a computer and the internet, and offer the convenience of being able to fit them around busy work or family schedules.