Denmark Flag

Course Number and Title:

Semester Hours:
12-16 Credits


Fall, Spring, or
Summer Semesters

Application Deadline:
Fall Semester: June 1
Spring Semester: November 15
Summer Semester March 1

International Business Academy
(IBA) – Kolding, Denmark

A Partner of Eastern Iowa
Community Colleges

Program Overview:

Denmark is a country steadfastly devoted to sustainability and security. The people of Denmark enjoy high social and financial security and the country is oftentimes ranked as the world’s happiest. Its low levels of poverty, inequality and corruption lend a hand to the health, vibrancy and productivity of its people. Its commitment to clean technology, life sciences and fiscal responsibility strengthen the nation. If you commit to studying abroad in Denmark, you’ll find yourself in an environment rich with forward-thinking people, thought-provoking policies and life-enhancing opportunities.

EICC students in Denmark standing in front of a windmill

With “international” in the IBA name, international students are at the heart of everything IBA does. IBA welcomes students from all corners of the globe to experience the Danish way of living, learning in a new culture, and experiencing the world. Denmark is a small country but leads the world in aspects of business practice, design, innovation and social organization. Danish people are very interested in other societies and place a high value on the customs and culture you bring with you to the IBA. IBA would like you to have the benefit of our superb learning environment and enjoy a challenging, stimulating and rewarding learning experience. Your stay at the IBA, regardless of the duration, will leave you with an experience you will value throughout your lifetime.

Program Cost: $5600
Accommodations:  $3200
Tuition: $2050 - $2400

Program Cost:


  • College tuition and books
  • Student housing/accommodations while in country
  • Transfers to/from international airports
  • Pre-departure and arrival orientations

Not Included:

  • Roundtrip group airfare
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Telephone 150 DKK and internet 250 DKK (some locations will have free Wi-Fi)
  • Meals - 1,000-1,500 DKK
  • Student basic medical insurance 200 DKK
  • Tram/Bus/Rail/Taxi passes
  • Entrance to cultural activities and excursions
  • Personal and entertainment expenses
  • Independent travel and expenses during and after the program
  • Anything not specified as included in the program

Denmark map