Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

International Students at EICCFinancial aid pays for tuition and textbooks. Any remaining aid balance is refunded to the student. This remaining balance can be applied towards the cost of the Study Abroad program. Depending on your eligibility, financial aid will cover the cost of tuition and books.

Contact the business office on your campus and fill out the waiver to have the remaining balance of your aid applied to your program. Submit the form to the Financial Aid Office on your campus. Submit the form to the Business Office on your campus.

Once they have identified a program of interest, students should consult with a Financial Aid adviser to see what aid might be available. Talk to someone in one of EICC’s Financial Aid Offices about making this work for you.

Contact Information

Clinton Community College

  • Financial Aid 563-244-7070
  • Business Office 563-244-7123


Muscatine Community College

  • Financial Aid 563-288-6060
  • Business Office 563-288-6123


Scott Community College

  • Financial Aid 563-441-4040
  • Business Office 563-441-4123