SEVIS information

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program office (SEVP) has deployed an upgrade to the website dedicated to the SEVIS I-901 Fee that will allow a student or exchange visitor, or school or exchange visitor program, to verify online if ICE has received their SEVIS I-901 fee payment and when the official receipt for the payment was issued.

This capability will be available for payments made on the Internet, by check or money order, by Western Union and by bulk filing. Previously, this information could only be obtained by contacting the SEVIS program office directly.
The SEVIS I-901 website has proven to be a very popular avenue for fee payment. Approximately 77 percent of all fee payments are made via the Web site.
The new capabilities on the Web site will help assure students and exchange visitors that their fee payment has been received and provide them with an estimate as to when they can reasonably expect a consular official to be able to independently verify the SEVIS fee payment in their system.
Additional help links on the site cover topics such as identifying who is required to pay the fee, the options for paying the fee, how a third party can pay the fee for someone else, and how to obtain further assistance.