High School Orientation

College course work – Is that different than High School course

  • Your expectations are the same as other college students
  • Your course syllabus will let you know when homework is due and when you will be having a test
  • Instructors may not remind you when and what is due; it will be your responsibility to know this
  • Your parents will not be called regarding your progress in classes or non-attendance


Things to remember

  • It is important for you to remember that the grades you receive in your college classes will be on your permanent college transcript –
    • Whether your grade is an “A” or an “F” your grades will follow you throughout your college career
  • If you drop a class, your transcript will be noted with a “W”
  • If you are a concurrent enrolled student, your high school is paying for this class –
    • If you drop the class (or fail the class) your high school will expect reimbursement for the tuition and book costs


What your instructors expect of you


  • To read the syllabus carefully
  • To attend class –and be on time
  • To submit assignments on time and according to instructions
  • To let them know if you are having difficulty or have questions
    • For extra help either e-mail your instructors or see them during their office hours
  • That you understand your expectations are the same as all students
    • If your instructors seems ‘tough’ it is probably because they want you to be well prepared when you transfer to a 4-year institution


What you can do to be successful

  • Go to every class –and be on time
  • Let your instructor know if you have an emergency and cannot attend a class
  • Get all lecture notes from the class you missed
  • Be prepared
  • Read all materials BEFORE the class
  • Take good notes
  • Ask questions in class
    • If you have a question the odds are someone else does too –don’t be afraid to be the one to ask!
  • Do not miss quizzes or tests
  • Hand your assignments in on time –make sure they are legible
  • Build a study plan for tests, allowing enough time for adequate review so you will not need to ‘cram’
  • Identify your campus ‘help’ resources and use them all the way through the term, not just before tests
    • Tutoring
    • Library
    • Computer Lab
    • Advisors to help with
      • Test taking tips
      • Study skills
      • Learning styles
      • Time management
      • Stress management
      • And much more



  • One website for almost everything you need!!
    • Campus and District announcements
    • Personal web page and tools
    • EICConnect email <EICConnectusername>@live.eicc.edu
    • Directory assistance
    • EICC web page information
    • Class materials may be posted here
    • Find your grades –eBridge
    • And much more!!


EICConnect Log-In Information

  • To access EICConnect, type http://eicc.edu/eicconnect new window into the address bar of your internet browser and press enter.
    • Log into EICConnect by entering your username and password
      • Your username will be the first initial of your first name followed by your last name
      • All lower case
  • The system will add additional numbers to your user ID if you have a common name such as John Smith or Jane Smith. If this is the case, you must contact the Help Desk for your complete log in ID.
  • Help Desk 563-336-3456 or helpdesk@eicc.edu 
  • Password information:
    • Your default password for EICConnect should be PassXXXXXXX with a capital “P” and the Xs being your college ID seven digit number.
  • You will be prompted to change your password during your first log in. Passwords must be at least 8 characters using upper and lower case letters. They can include numbers and/or symbols. They cannot contain part of your name.
  • HELP? Call the EICC Help Desk at 563-336-3456 or email them at helpdesk@eicc.edu for assistance.



  • When you click on the Students link (under Check out e-bridge –upper left side of the page) you can:
    • Find financial information
    • Search class offerings
    • Find registration data
    • Review your mid-term and final grades (EICC does not send out grade reports, you must access your grades online)
  • Hints: There will be categories under the “Students” link for Financial Information, Financial Aid, Communication, Registration and Academic Profile


Other Info in EICConnect

  • Instructors may post class announcements, assignments or other class information here
  • Campus clubs may post club information
  • Most important:
    • You have an EICConnect e-mail address; this is how you will receive information from your instructors, your advisor, or general campus/district announcements
    • Your e-mail address will be: <EICConnectusername>@live.eicc.edu
  • It is important for you to access your EICConnect page each day!


FERPA: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

  • WHAT is FERPA:
    • FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act was passed by Congress in 1974. It allows you the right to inspect and review your own educational records. This right is limited solely to you, the student.
    • FERPA prevents non-directory/confidential information from being released to anyone other than you, the student. FERPA does not allow parental access to post-secondary student educational records without your written permission.
  • WHO is covered by FERPA:
    • Anyone who is enrolled at a post-secondary institution. Coverage under this act begins upon enrollment. It also protects former students.
  • Compliance with FERPA regulations allows EICC to offer Title IV funding (federal financial aid) to students.
  • What is an “Educational Record?”
    • An “Educational Record” is any record maintained by the institution or its affiliates which is related to you, the student.
    • personal information (name, etc)
    • enrollment records/schedule
    • student’s exams or papers
    • grades
  • Directory Information at EICCD:
    • name, address, phone, email
    • date and place of birth
    • photograph, artwork or writing
    • major field of study
    • dates of attendance
    • enrollment status
    • degrees and awards received
    • academic honors


Help is just around the corner

  • There are a variety of places and people to help you including:
    • Instructors
      For questions and additional help in your course, do not hesitate to contact your instructor
    • Advisors
      For questions regarding registration, how courses transfer, or where to get help just see your academic advisor
    • High School Counselors
      Your high school counselor can also provide valuable information to you about the classes you are taking
    • Tutoring Center
      Tutoring Centers provide tutoring in all subjects offered at the college
    • Library
      Resources, computers, and study areas are available for you to use
    • Computer Lab
      Labs are available for you to use throughout the day and evening
    • Dean of Student Development
    • For any questions regarding college procedures, you are encouraged to see the Dean of Student Development
    • Dean of the College
      The Dean of the College is also available to assist you with questions and/or concerns


Your Student Handbook is online

  • www.eicc.edu/handbook 
  • Student Handbooks offer a great deal of information:
    • Registration information
    • Grading system
    • Degree information
    • Financial aid information
    • Tuition and fees information
    • Academic calendar
    • CCC, MCC and SCC campus specific information


College Closings

  • From time-to-time the college does close due to inclement weather
    • Listen to your local media for any announcement
    • Or check the announcements on EICConnect
  • It is important to remember that we do not always close our campus on the same days the local school systems do
    • If your high school is closed and we are not you will be expected to attend your college class


And Finally

  • We are pleased that you are a part of our family –thank you for the opportunity to work with you.
  • Let any of our staff know what we can do to assist you in being successful.