Welding Career Academy

Industrial Technology IconThe Welding Career Academy provides students the opportunity to earn a college Certificate in Basic Welding. This certificate ladders into a welding diploma or AAS degree programs in a range of industrial welding techniques: Flux Core, Gas Metal, Oxy-Acetylene, and Shielded Metal Arc.

Students will also earn a OHSA General Industry 10-hour credential during the Academy. The welding lab is equipped to provide each student with hands-on learning opportunities, with instructors present and available for guidance. Students will investigate employment opportunities in the welding field by visiting area business and industry. 

Welding Certificate

During High School

Term 1 - Fall, senior year of high school, 8 credits

  • MFG:106 Workplace Safety with OSHA 10 General Industry Card, 3 credits
  • WEL:361 VR Welding OR MFG 190 Metallurgy, 2 credits
  • WEL:363 Welding Fundamentals, 3 credits

Term 2 - Spring, senior year of high school, 8 credits

  • WEL:363 Welding Discontinuities and Defects, 1 credit
  • WEL:365 Flux Core Arc Welding and Metal Cutting, 3 credits
  • WEL:364 Gas Metal Arc Welding, 4 credits

Award: Fundamentals of Welding Certificate, 16 credits


Careers in Welding

Skilled welding professionals are in high demand throughout the region. Just look around you right now and think about all of the things that were welded; cars, plumbing, desks, buildings, bridges, construction equipment, the list goes on and on.

Welding includes many different specific skills such as ARC, MIG, TIG, core wire and gas. But don’t worry, you can learn all of those things and more with the proper training.

For more information, contact our high school team