Culinary Academy

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources IconThe Culinary Career Academy provides students the opportunity to earn a college Certificate in Culinary Arts. This certificate ladders into a Culinary Arts diploma or AAS degree programs. Students who pass the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification exam also earn a Serve Safe Certificate. Students will also acquire foundational skills in food service sanitation and safety, basic skills of grilling, frying, broiling, sautéing, vegetable cookery, recipe conversion, recipe costing, creating soups and stocks, basics theory and preparation of baked items such as yeast bread, cookies, creams, puddings, pie crusts, filling and quick breads. Students will also be required to complete a practicum that provides the students with on-the-job training. 

Muscatine Community College

  • For Academic Year 2021- 2022, this academy will be offered at: Merril Hotel - 12:50 - 2:50 p.m. daily.  

  • Participating High Schools include:  Muscatine, Wilton, West Liberty Columbus Junction, Louisa Muscatine and Durant High Schools.  


Certificate, Diploma and Associate in Arts Degree

During High School

Term 1 - Fall, Senior Year of High School - taken at MCC, 7 credits

  • HCM:100 Sanitation and Safety (ServSafe Certificate), 2 credits
  • HCM:154 Basic Food Prep, 2 credits
  • HCM:180 Food Fundamentals, 2 credits
  • HCM:932 Internship, 1 credits

Term 2 - Spring, Senior Year of High School - taken at MCC, 7 credits

  • HCM:265 Mathematics for Hospitality, 3 credits
  • HCM:116 Fundamentals of Baking, 3 credits
  • HCM:932 Internship, 1 credit

After High School

Term 3 - Summer, 5 credits

  • CSC:107 Computer Literacy, 3 credits

Award: Culinary Arts Certificate (16 credits)

  • HCM:255 Purchasing, 2 credits

Term 4 - Fall, 16 credits

  • HCM:156 Intermediate Food Prep, 3 credits
  • HCM:233 Menu Planning and Nutrition, 3 credits
  • HCM:589 Introduction to Restaurant Management, 3 credits
  • HCM:212 Industry Management, 3 credits
  • HCM:182 Intermediate Baking, 3 credits
  • HCM:932 Internship, 1 credit

Award: Culinary Arts Diploma (32 credits)

Term 5 - Spring, 15 credits

  • HCM:199 Batch Cooking, 2 credits
  • HCM:280 Food Cost Accounting, 3 credits
  • HCM:958 Hospitality Lab II, 2 credits
  • HUM:105 Working in America, 3 credits
  • SPC:112 Public Speaking, or SPC:170 Professional Communication, 3 credits
  • HCM:932 Internship, 2 credits

Term 6 - Fall, 14 credits

  • HCM:160 Advanced Food Preparation, 3 credits
  • HCM:241 Menu Planning and Sales Promotion, 3 credits
  • HCM:301 Beverage Control, 3 credits
  • PSY:213 Industrial Psychology, or PSY: 111 Intro to Psychology, or SOC: 110 Intro to Sociology, 3 credits
  • HCM:932 Internship, 2 credits

Term 7 - Summer, 3 credits

  • HCM:155 Garde Manger, 3 credits

Award: Culinary Arts AAS (67 credits)

Careers in Culinary Arts


Everyone needs food and that means there will always be a need for trained chefs. If food is your thing, culinary arts may be the career for you.

The college offers the following Culinary and Hospitality programs:

Employment of chefs, head cooks, and food preparation and serving supervisors, will be generated by increases in population, a growing variety of dining venues and continued demand for convenience. Median annual earnings of chefs and head cooks was $48,460 in 2018.

The college’s program is based on apprenticeship training providing you hands-on experience at area restaurants and other food services. When you graduate, you will have the training to begin a career throughout the United States.

For more information, contact our high school team