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The U.S. economy’s strength connects directly to the construction industry. Construction projects provide jobs, inject both funds and new life into a community, and create the infrastructure critical to keeping the country moving forward. The Construction Academy provides hands-on laboratory and classroom experiences in basic architecture, construction and engineering skills. If you like working with your hands and enjoy seeing immediate work results, this Academy could be your starting point to a rewarding and lucrative career. 

Construction Technology Certificate

During High School

Term 1 - Fall, senior year of high school, 9 credits

  • MFG:106 Workplace Safety with OSHA 10-hour General Construction Card, 3 credits
  • CON:170 Building Construction Techniques I, 6 credits

Term 2 - Spring, senior year of high school, 9 credits

  • CON:171 Building Construction Techniques II, 6 credits
  • MAT:104 Applied Math Topics, 3 credits

Award: Construction Technology Certificate, 18 credits

Careers in Construction

Construction is ...

  • Hands-on work
  • Team collaboration
  • Vital to communities and the economy
  • Extremely rewarding

Construction careers provide ...

  • Competitive pay
  • Job stability
  • Variety in day-to-day work
  • Opportunities to grow

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