Coaching Academy

Coaching IconAre you inspired to pursue coaching? This Academy will assist you in achieving your coaching authorization in Iowa. The program includes theory of coaching, human growth and development, and care of athletic injuries. The Coaching Authorization will allow you to pursue coaching opportunities while working towards a teaching degree or as a non-teaching professional. 

Coaching is…

  • Teaching athletes skills
  • Improving performance
  • Developing strategies to win
  • Ensuring player safety 

Coaching jobs provide…

  • Ability to share your passion for a sport
  • Leadership skills
  • Reward of serving others
  • Additional income

Coaching Authorization

During High School

Term 1 - Fall, 5 credits

  • PEC:110 Coaching Ethics, Techniques and Theory, 1 credit
  • PEC:115 Athletic Development and Human Growth OR PSY:121 Developmental Psychology, 1 credit
  • PICK ONE, 1 credit:
    • BIO:157 Human Biology
    • BIO:163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
    • BIO:168 Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • PEC:123 Anatomy for Coaching
  • PEC:127 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, 2 credits

Award: Coaching Authorization, 5 credits

Careers in Coaching

  • High School Athletic Coach
    Teaches fundamental skills in a sport, providing training and instruction to help athletes improve performance and teamwork. High school coaches typically work in teaching positions with the school.

  • Youth Sports Coach
    Encourage and help young athletes play their best individually or as a team in a wide range of sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and more. May be a volunteer or work in education.

  • Collegiate Athletic Coach
    Oversees all aspects of a college’s athletic program, including recruiting top talent, organizing practices, developing skills, preparing athletes for competition and ensuring students keep up with their studies.

  • Professional Athletic Coach
    Trains, guides and motivates professional athletes to defeat the competition using extensive knowledge of rules, strategies and techniques of their sports. Many also focus on recruiting new athletes.