Automotive Technology Academy

Automotive Pathway IconThe Automotive Service Technology Academy will provide students with hands on experience in today’s automotive field.  The servicing and repair of cars and trucks has evolved into a more complex and challenging career.

Today's automotive technician must have advanced skills and training that were not previously required for a successful career in this field.  Students in the academy will earn an entry level Automotive Service Technician Certificate and will have to complete their associates degree tuition free under the Iowa’s Last Dollar Scholarship Program.

Academy available at Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges.

Certificate, Diploma and AAS Degree in Automotive Technology

During High School

Term 1 - Fall Senior Year of High School - taken at the college, 8 credits

  • AUT:115 Automotive Shop Safety, 1 credit
  • AUT:606 Basic Automotive Electricity/Electronics, 3 credits
  • AUT:524 Auto Brake Systems and Service, 4 credits

Term 2 - Spring Senior Year of High School - taken at the college, 7 credits

  • AUT:614 Automotive Electrical I, 3 credits
  • AUT:404 Automotive Suspension and Steering, 4 credits

Automotive Certificate, 15 credits

After High School

Term 3 - Summer, 4 credits

  • AUT:704 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning, 4 credits

Term 4 - Fall, 17 credits

  • AUT:232 Automotive Transmissions I, 3 credits
  • AUT:802 Engine Performance I, 3 credits
  • AUT:164 Automotive Engine Repair, 4 credits
  • AUT:304 Automotive Manual Drive Train and Axles, 4 credits
  • COM:102 Communication Skills OR ENG:105 Composition I, 3 credits

Automotive Technology Diploma, 36 credits

Term 5 - Spring, 16 credits

  • AUT:233 Automotive Transmissions II, 3 credits
  • AUT:656 Automotive Electrical II, 4 credits
  • AUT:811 Engine Performance II, 4 credits
  • HUM:105 Working in America OR HUM:110 Changes and Choices, 3 credits
  • WEL:331 Welding Fundamentals, 2 credits

Term 6 - Fall, 16 credits

  • AUT:913 Technical Internship, 4 credits
  • AUT:817 Automotive Engine Performance III, 3 credits
  • BCA:188 Computer Fund for Techs, 3 credits
  • MAT:104 Applied Math Topics OR MAT:110 Math for Liberal Arts, 3 credits
  • PSY:213 Industrial & Organizational Psych, 3 credits

Automotive Technology AAS Degree, 68 credits

Careers in Automotive Technology

The Automotive Technology Program has attained master certification in Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Graduates from the AAS program are prepared to pass certification exams in all of the following eight areas: Engine Repair, Manual Drive Train & Axles, Brakes, Heating & Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Suspension & Steering, Electrical/Electronic Systems, and Engine Performance.

Some of the graduates will work in shops as general line technicians while others will work in specialty shops that specialize in certain areas of the vehicle such as brakes or transmissions. Graduates may also work in related areas such as service advising or parts distribution.

For more information, contact our high school team