Guest Student FAQs

What is a Guest Student?

A “Guest Student” is a student who intends to enroll with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges on a part time basis while enrolled in another college or university. The student should be actively enrolled and in good standing with their “home” college or university.

Is a guest student eligible for financial aid?

A guest student will not be eligible to receive state or federal financial aid through Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. A student should consult with their home college or university regarding any impacts on their financial aid package.

Are guest students required to attend New Student Orientation?

As a guest student, you are not required to attend New Student Orientation; however, you are welcome to attend an on-campus orientation or the online orientation. Students can also access the EICC Student Resource Center for student information and resources.

Will my course transfer back to my home college/university?

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. We have articulation agreements in place to ensure the ease of transfer with numerous colleges and universities. As a student of another college, you should visit with your home college/university advisor and seek prior approval of your course to ensure it meets your specific degree requirements. You may find our college catalog and sample syllabus helpful in working with your home college. You will need to request your official transcript from EICC to be sent to your home college. Request your transcript here

Transfer information can be found here

How many credits can a guest student take?

A guest student can take up to nine credits during Fall, Spring and Summer. A student may take only one course during the Winterim. As a guest student, you may earn up to 24 total hours at EICC. If you decide to continue with EICC, we will be happy to have you as a student. You will work with your advisor to change your student status. Your advisor will determine your needed steps including sending official transcripts, completing assessment and orientation.

Do I need to apply to Eastern Iowa to be a Guest Student?

Yes. You can find our application at You will be considered non-degree seeking as a guest student.

I was previously an EICC student, do I need to reapply?


If you have been a guest student with EICC within the last year, you will not need to reapply. If you were previously enrolled as a regular student or high school concurrent student, you should reapply indicating your desire to be a guest student. If you have not enrolled in the last year, you must reapply.

If you need to reapply, click here.

As a guest student, how do I register for courses?

Once you have applied, you should complete the Guest Student Course Request Form. You will need to submit unofficial transcripts or placement test scores to meet any prerequisite requirements. A college staff member will contact you via email to confirm your registration in the class.

What documentation do I need to meet prerequisite standards for the class?

If the course you wish to take has a prerequisite, you will need to submit your unofficial college transcripts or placement test scores to meet the prerequisite requirement. Information on specific course requirements can be found in the course listing or the college catalog.

How do I pay for my class?

Once your registration is processed, you will receive instructions on logging into your student account. With your login, you can pay your tuition with our 24/7 web cashier or view your bill. Go to EICConnect under Self-service -> E-bill or set up a payment plan at You will need your login information to set up a payment plan. To pay in full via credit or debit card by phone, you can contact our business office.

CCC 563-244-7123
MCC 563-288-6123
SCC 563-441-4123

Can an International Student be a Guest Student?

International students can enroll as a guest student. Their VISA (F-1) I-20 will remain with their home college or university. International students seeking EICC to issue their I-20 will need to be enrolled as a full status EICC student and follow the International Student requirements.

Guest international students will need to submit the following documentation to EICC as part of the enrollment process:

  • Copy of your Visa
  • Copy of your I-20

Why does Eastern Iowa Community College need my social security number?

Your social security number is used to generate your 1098-T tax form so that you can claim educational credits when filing your tax return. Without your SSN, we cannot generate this form.