How to Begin

  1. Complete the Credit for Prior Learning Application Form  and return it to the Dean of Adult Education.

  2. The Dean will give you a copy of the appropriate Course Development Model(s) (CDM).

    A CDM is EICC’s terminology for what is to be included in a course of instruction offered by the college. It contains course name, number, goals, learning objectives, standard course resources, etc. It is intended that every course taught at EICC meet the learning objectives as outlined in the CDM for that course.

  3. Complete your Portfolio and submit it to the Dean of Adult Education. There will be a portfolio assessment fee due upon submission of the portfolio.

  4. Please allow four to six weeks from the date of submission to receive an official response to your request.

  5. Portfolio credit for prior learning will be recorded on the academic transcript when payment of the transcript fee is paid to the business office and the Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Request Form is returned to the registrar. The transcript recording fee is $9.00 per credit hour.

  6. For questions or more information about a Portfolio Learning Assessment, contact the Dean of Adult Education.

To learn how you can get a jump start on your academic progress, contact the Adult Education department today.