FAQs for Students


College Operations

The College’s Emergency Planning Team continues to monitor CDC, state and local guidance. The college will make a determination based on current community conditions, safety on campus and recommendations from local health officials.  Depending on local conditions, it is possible that different decisions may be made for different campuses and attendance sites.

  • Determination of Operational Condition is determined based on a number of factors; no single number or factor will trigger a change in condition. Factors include:  
    • Current county and college community vaccination rates. 
    • Current 7-day average COVID-19 infection rate in the county in which a facility is located and/or primarily serves.
    • New COVID-19 positive cases in the county in a which a facility is located and/or primarily serves.
    • CDC Risk Assessment Levels 
    • Number of positive cases of students and/or employees on campus
    • Number of students and/or employees quarantined  off campus due to exposure/waiting test results 
    • Number of students or employees screened by health check to stay off campus and/or number of student and employee absentees
    • Campus leadership assessment of the successful observance of health and safety precautions
    • Status of area K-12 school districts served
    • Guidance and advice from local public health officials
    • Other mitigating conditions on campus and/or in the community (e.g. functioning of public utilities, public safety conditions, weather events, hospital capacity, etc.)

The college utilizes the following sources of information:  CDC, Iowa Department of Health, EICC Human Resources, Local Partners including K-12s, businesses and hospitals.

Information on the college’s COVID-19 operational conditional levels can be found here.

You can find the current operational level here.

College Operations

  • If my child’s school closes, will I be allowed to join my class online or make-up time?

    • Students are encouraged to contact their instructors immediately if you are unable to attend class in person. Your instructors will work with you to make reasonable allowances.  If you are concerned about your on-going ability to come to campus for class, you may want to speak to your advisor about selecting online or Live Online sections prior to the beginning of the semester. 

  • How will faculty members conduct office hours?

    • Faculty will hold office hours. They will share more details about their office hours in the class syllabus. Contacting your instructor directly is the best way to schedule an appointment.


  • Will there be student events on campus?

    • The colleges are excited to be offering enhancedactivities, clubs and other engagement opportunities this fall, Events, clubs and activities will be held in a variety of formats, both on-campus and virtually, to allow for flexibility of student participation. Check your college email regularly for a list of upcoming activities and events.

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Health and Safety Measures


  • What general safety precautions have been implemented for students and employees?

    • Face Masks are strongly requested indoors on campus for all students, visitors and guests at the current condition of yellow. Face masks are required for employees. We are encouraging social distancing of 3 feet; classrooms and common spaces. We have placed hand sanitizer around the campus. Anyone who feels sick, is experiencing COVID-related symptoms, has tested positive, or may have had close contact with a COVID-positive individual must stay home. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, you must report your COVID exposure immediately.


  • When do I have to wear a face mask?

    • Under the current operational condition of Yellow, face masks are strongly requested indoors on campus for all students, visitors and guests. Face masks are required for employees. Face Masks may be required in spaces where social distancing is not possible such as in science or hands-on labs. The college reserves the right to require face masks in Condition Yellow.


  • What do I do if someone in my class refuses to comply with EICC’s COVID-19 policies?

    • We encourage all members of the college community to take responsibility to remind each other of the COVID-19 requirements. A simple friendly reminder may be all that is needed.
    • If someone is refusing to follow the requirements of wearing a face mask or social distancing, please make the faculty member or staff member aware.
    • The college takes this policy seriously. Students refusing to comply will be asked to leave the campus and could face disciplinary action


  • Do I need to provide my own hand sanitizer?

    • The college has provided hand sanitizer in multiple locations around campus. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own, as we can all certainly take extra steps to keep ourselves and those around us healthy. 


  • What is the process for cleaning classrooms and other areas?

    • The college has enhanced the cleaning of classrooms and other areas. Cleaning and maintenance staff have received additional training on appropriate cleaning techniques.  In addition, the college is using cleaning products that meet the standard for disinfecting surfaces. Cleaning products are provided in the classroom for you to use to wipe down your area before the start of class.


  • Will I be expected to clean classroom and lab areas in which I take classes?

    • Classrooms and labs will be regularly cleaned. For some activities or hands on instruction (ex. welding labs), you may be asked to clean an object or an area that you have used prior to a classmate engaging in that activity.  
    • Cleaning products will be available in the classroom.


  • What should I do if I have tested positive for COVID-19, have COVID-19 symptoms, or believe I have been exposed indirectly or directly to someone who is COVID-positive?

    • First and most importantly, if you have tested positive or have COVID-19 symptoms, stay home.
    • Report COVID-19 positive to Human Resources at 563-336-3487 or use the reporting form at eicc.edu/covidreport.

  • What should I do if someone around me on campus exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?

    • If you know the person, encourage them to leave the campus if they are unwell and seek medical attention.
    • If you are concerned about someone who appears to have symptoms, call this to the attention of a faculty or staff member. The college takes seriously the health and safety of our campus. Individuals exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave campus, self-quarantine and seek medical care.


  • How should I handle my classes if I test positive or am asked to quarantine or self-isolate because of COVID-19 concerns?

    • Do not come to campus! If you test positive or have COVID-19 related concerns, please stay home. 
    • For COVID-19 medical questions, contact your medical practitioner.
    • Report COVID-19 positive to Human Resources at 563-336-3487 or use the reporting form at eicc.edu/covidreport
    • Contact your instructor to discuss options for make-up assignments and staying connected with the classwork. Your instructor will work with you to determine the best approach.
    • If you cannot keep up with the class, your advisor can assist you with other options.

  • What does the college do if an on-campus COVID-19 case is identified?

    • The college will work with the local health department to determine contact tracing. We will notify students, faculty and staff that have been determined to have direct contact with the positive case.  Direct contact could include attending class or a student club together. 
    • The college may shut down classrooms and spaces where any potential exposures have occurred to do additional cleaning and disinfecting.


  • If I have pandemic-related concerns or obligations, can I switch to an Online or LIVE Online section of the class?

    • The college is offering classes in a variety of formats including Classroom Plus, Online or Live Online. We encourage you to work with your advisor to select classes that best meet your needs. 
    • Once the semester has begun, should you need to adjust your schedule or wish to complete your course remotely, you will need to speak to your instructor. Some classes may be able to accommodate remote learning while others do require participation on site. 


  • What assistance is available to help me cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19?

    • The college offers free counseling services. You can find information about the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), also available to students, by calling 1-800-475-1641. 


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Services and Resources Available

  • Will all student services be available on campus, remotely or both?

    • Student Services including advising, financial aid, registration, business office, tutoring and more are available in a variety of formats including on-campus and remotely. For details, visit the student services 


  • Can I eat and drink on campus?

    • Students can eat or drink on campus in designated spaces.  Eating or drinking is not allowed in classrooms at this time.

  • Will MCC student housing be open?

    • MCC student apartments are open. Claire Brakel-Packer at 563-288-6006 can provide information regarding housing and COVID-19 requirements. 


  • Will MCC’s Learning Tree Child Care be open?

    • As long as the State of Iowa is allowing child care centers to operate, the MCC Learning Tree Child Care Center will be open. For details on the child care services, contact Heather Elliott at 563-288- 6075. 




  • Will work-study funding be available this semester? Will work-study students have regular work hours?

    • If you are eligible for work-study funding, it will be indicated on your financial aid award letter. Work-study funding will be available this fall.  Work hours for work-study positions will be scheduled with your supervisor. 


  • If I am a student with disabilities, how will my accommodations change if I take online or Live Online Classes?

    • We encourage you to speak to the disabilities specialist on your campus regarding any needed adjustments to your accommodations.


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