EICC Alert: COVID-19 Resources and Protocols

We are sending you this EICC Alert Notification as a standard requirement of the U.S. Department of Education Clery Act, which guides what health and safety information colleges share with their campus.

As you return to campus, we want to remind you that COVID-19 is still present in our communities and we all must take steps to slow the spread of the disease. The intent of this message is to share information about Eastern Iowa Community College’s COVID-19 resources and protocols for the fall semester. The EICC’s  COVID-19 plan, which outlines all the safety precautions the college is taking to minimize the spread of the virus, can be found here.

Community Standards

Every student, employee and visitor to any of the EICC campuses is expected to adhere to the community standards.  These standards include:

  • Wear a face mask over your nose and mouth.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands often and disinfect surfaces.
  • Practice social distancing.  Stay 6 feet apart in classrooms, common spaces and in line.
  • Stay home if you are ill, experiencing symptoms, or have had a direct exposure.
  • Report COVID-19 exposures or possible exposures to:

Adherence to these standards is required in order to study, work or visit the campus.


The college maintains a COVID-19 dashboard that is updated weekly with the number of positive cases within EICC. The dashboard will help inform our decision making related to campus operations.

The college will not communicate broadly about individual positive cases, consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as other privacy regulations. Individuals identified as having been potentially exposed to the positive case will be notified through the college’s contact tracing procedures, making broad communications unnecessary. The college will determine the release of non-identifying communications about the clusters of positive results based on approved guidelines.

We encourage you to update your contact information and emergency contact information to ensure the college is able to reach you regarding important communications including campus closures, possible COVID-19 exposures and other key semester information. 

Health and Wellness

Students, Guests and Visitors

Students are encouraged to assess their COVID-19 related symptoms daily. Students living in MCC's college housing will be required to complete daily health checks via HealthCheck360.

Fully Vaccinated Employees

Vaccinated employees are exempted from daily HealthCheck 360 after completing and submitting vaccination attestation form to HR.  

Unvaccinated students and employees

Required to complete HealthCheck 360;  must receive a “green check” to come on campus.  

If a student tests positive, they should immediately contact the Dean of Students so that contact tracing will be initiated, and contact their health care provider if they are experiencing symptoms. The Dean of Students will work with the student on a plan to continue their classes and when appropriate return to campus.

If an employee tests positive, the employee should immediately contact the Human Resources department so that contact tracing will be initiated, and contact their health care provider if they are experiencing symptoms. Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 must be cleared by Human Resources prior to returning to campus. 

The COVID-19 website and COVID-19 dashboard will both be updated regularly, so we encourage community members to reference these resources frequently.