EICC Employee Daily Symptom Tracker

Eastern Iowa Community College has partnered with HealthCheck360 to demonstrate we are doing everything we can to provide a safe workplace and prevent the spread of COVID-19. HealthCheck360’s daily symptom tracker allows you to assess your physical health before going back to work each day. The safety and health of our students and employees is top priority as our organization takes steps to move forward. 

Step 1: Register Today!

  • You will receive an e-mail from symptom-tracking@hc360.io to register
  • Follow the link provided 
  • Please enter your information in the required fields 
    • You will be asked what time you prefer to receive the reminders. 

Step 2: Complete Your Daily Survey

  • You will receive your reminder to complete the survey at the time you chose when registering
  • Follow the link on the reminder text message or e-mail
  • Complete the brief survey 

Step 3: Continue To Monitor Your Symptoms

  • Always be aware of how your body is feeling each day prior to going to work
  • Going to campus with any concerning symptoms puts yourself and your coworkers at risk 

Daily Symptom Tracker

The health and safety of students and employees is our top priority. HealthCheck360’s Daily Symptom Tracker helps you assess your physical health before going back to campus each day.

If you need assistance with HealthCheck360, please contact EICC-HR@eicc.edu