Motorcycle/Moped Riding Course

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  1. We provide helmets but if you choose to bring your own, it must be D.O.T. approved (FULL COVERAGE HELMETS ARE RECOMMENDED).

  2. Full fingered good fitting leather gloves.

  3. A long sleeved shirt or jacket. A jacket, such as denim, is recommended, however, leather is best.

  4. Denim jeans, in good condition (no holes in the knees), or leather is best.

  5. Sturdy footwear that covers the ankle.

  6. Rain gear. We will ride even in light to moderate rain.

Moped Rider Course

The four and a half hour Moped Riding Instruction class is for anyone who wants to ride a moped. The class includes six hours of classroom instruction, no riding, and is designed to teach the student how to reduce the risks that occur when operating a moped in traffic. You must pre-pay to reserve a space in the class.

Satisfies Iowa license training requirement: Iowa's Moped Rider Training Law requires persons under 16 years of age to complete an approved Moped Rider Training class. This class is approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Department of Education.

Prerequisite: You must be 14 years of age (or within 30 days) to take this class.

Cost: $65


All classes take place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Blong Technology Center
8500 Hillandale Road, Davenport, Iowa

#195242  March 3
#195243  May 5
#195244  July 7

Muscatine Community College
152 Colorado Street, Muscatine, Iowa

#195245  March 10
#195246  July 28

Clinton Community College
1000 Lincoln Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa

#195273  March 24
#195328  May 19
#195275  June 9
#195277  July 21

Maquoketa Center
501 W. Washington, Maquoketa, IA

#195281  June 2
#195278  August 4


Basic Rider Course

If you have ridden very little or not at all you should register for this class. In this motorcycle Safety Foundation class, you learn the location and operation of all of the motorcycle controls, and to balance and ride easily with the most advanced techniques.

Experienced riders are encouraged and will find themselves learning new information and gaining new riding skills very quickly. The second day you will learn advanced braking, cornering and swerving techniques as well as traffic survival strategies. Riders under 18 years of age must complete an Iowa approved Motorcycle Rider Education class and drivers education to be eligible for an Iowa motorcycle license.

Motorcycles and helmets are furnished. After successful completion of the class, students receive an Iowa Department of Transportation certificate of completion that can be taken to the Iowa Drivers License Examiners Station to obtain their Iowa motorcycle license.

Important: Illinois residents taking this class will still need to take the Illinois motorcycle riding test. The skills taught in this class will help prepare the student to take the Illinois riding test.

Cost: $175


All classes take place on Saturday and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Blong Technology Center
8500 Hillandale Road, Davenport, Iowa

#195174  April 7 & 8
#195177  April 14 & 15
#195178  April 21 & 22
#195179  April 28 & 29
#195180  May 5 & 6
#195181  May 12 & 13
#195182  May 19 & 20
#195188  June 2 & 3
#195189  June 9 & 10
#195190  June 16 & 17
#195191  June 23 & 24
#195192  June 30 & July 1
#195195  July 7 & 8
#195196  July 14 & 15
#195197  July 21 & 22
#195198  July 28 & 29
#195199  August 04 & 05
#195200  August 11 & 12
#195202  August 18 & 19
#195203  August 25 & 26
#195205  September 8 & 9
#195207  September 15& 16
#195211  September 22 & 23
#195703  September 29& 30
#195213  October 6 & 7

Muscatine Community College
152 Colorado Street, Muscatine, Iowa

#195232  April 14 & 15
#195236  July 14 & 15
#195237  September 8 & 9
#195238  September 15 & 16

Clinton Community College
1000 Lincoln Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa

#195228  May 12 & 13
#195230  August 18 & 19
#195231  October 6 & 7


Experienced Rider Course

The Experienced Rider Course license waiver course is designed for a rider who as of yet does not possess a state motorcycle license or endorsement. The ERC is ideal for graduates of the Basic Rider Course. We recommend that students get some riding experience and then take the ERC periodically.

It is NOT designed as a substitute for the Motorcycle Rider Course. The objective of ERC is to teach experienced motorcyclists to ride safely; to provide the student with the mental skills necessary for on street riding; and to provide the student with the physical skills identified as lacking in the accident involved motorcyclist. It is informative, fun and a method wherein experienced riders can share their knowledge and skills with other experienced riders.

A student MUST have their own motorcycle, a valid drivers license or state issued permit, and proof of insurance to qualify for this class. The ERC increases skills in: maximum cornering stability and control; maximizing and controlling traction; hard breaking in a straight line and in a curve where you have less traction: swerving to avoid obstacles; and spotting critical traffic problems early and reducing the risk.

Students will be required to complete an online course on the  MSF web site and bring the printed completion certificate to the class with them the same as in the Basic Rider Course. The ERC ecourse is not the same one as the ecourse required for the BRC. Students showing up to class without their completion certificate will not be permitted in the class.

Cost: $80


All classes take place on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.