Supervised Field Experience

Field experience are reality-oriented learning activities scheduled to coordinate with classroom experience outside the school classroom. The supervised Field Experience consists of five independent study modules, each of which contains a series of experiences to be completed in the student’s facility. Some modules require more time than others. As each module is completed, assignments and the field instructor’s/preceptor’s evaluations are sent to Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

The Field Experience instructor/preceptor is usually the consulting or supervising Registered Dietitian in the student’s facility that provides guidance throughout the course of study. The preceptor must be a Registered Dietitian with at least two years full-time equivalent, post registration practitioner experience. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist directly supervises a minimum of 25 of the 27 nutrition related field experience hours and coordinates the entire 150 hours. The remaining twenty-five (25) hours are directly supervised by a CDM, CFPP, DTR, or RDN.

The program director, preceptor and facility administrator must complete an agreement that the plan of study fulfills the expectations of the student and facility, as well as the course requirements. Application fee: $25