Keys to Customer Service

Learning to build your customer service skills will have a powerful impact on your career success as well as success in other areas of your life.  Through this course you will discover the direct relationship between service skills and career achievement.  You will become skilled at being an exceptional service provider.  You can help your organization and your career by translating your good service intentions into a workable plan and gain knowledge of ways to consistently deliver great service.  The payoff is enormous.


Unit 1: Understand Service Matters

  • Longevity and Loyalty
  • Cost of a Lost Customer
  • Engage Your Customer

Unit 2: Listen to Your Customer

  • Active Listening
  • Avoid Improper Listening
  • The Power of Feedback

Unit 3: Web Sites and Electronic Communication

  • Web-Based Customer Service
  • Disadvantages of Web-Based Customer Service
  • Evaluate Your Web-Based Customer Service

Unit 4: Customer Turnoffs

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Recognize and categorize customer turnoffs
  • Deal with customer expectations and turnoffs

Course Objectives

  • Students will gain an understanding of why service matters to every organization and recognize the role of customer service in career success.
  • Students will discuss the essential skill of listening and list keys to provide service that wins customer loyalty.
  • Students will learn techniques to defuse upset customers and learn to identify customer turnoffs.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain how building customer satisfaction and loyalty is needed for a business or organization to succeed.
  • Calculate the possible impact of lost customers on a business or organization.
  • Describe the important distinction between hearing and listening.
  • List the five successful e-service delivery requirements.
  • Recognize and categorize customer turnoffs.
  • Discuss the importance of exceeding what customers expect.