Manufacturing Management Certificate

EICC has developed the Manufacturing Management Certificate in tandem with local manufacturing organizations to expose potential and new supervisors to the many different functions of a well managed organization. Understanding not only the pieces of key knowledge areas, but also how they fit into the overall whole, results in better outcomes for individuals and organizations.

One of the significant outcomes of this series is the culmination of a work-based application of the material. This could take many forms, including a process improvement project or the acquisition of more specific knowledge about the participant’s organization. Each attendee will be assigned a coach mentor from a member of the faculty, who will follow-up and advise them on their Work-Based Application project.

Upcoming Sessions

April 28 - September 19
1 - 4 p.m.
Class Dates are April 28, May 12, 26, June 9, 23, July 7, Aug 4, 18, Sept 1, 15, 29
Muscatine - McAvoy Center, Room 101/102 
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Schedule and Highlights

Module 1 – Factory of the Future:

  • Examine how Industry 4.0 will impact your company’s skills, as well as transition your workforce
  • Learn how the State of Iowa supports Industry 4.0


Module 2 – Interpersonal Relationships in Organizational Teams 

  • Learn how clarity in communication helps to build trust
  • Establish genuine connections with positive relationships and common connections
  • Identify the expectations of a cohesive team


Module 3 – Communication

  • Improve email etiquette awareness
  • Understand non-verbal communication cues when presenting, listening or leading a meeting
  • Practice active listening and learn strategies to become a better listener
  • Learn best practice techniques for effective meetings


Module 4 – Key Performance

  • Recognize performance management as a key strategic and competitive differentiator
  • Align organizational objectives with individual performance
  • Understand the language of KPIs: Leading vs lagging; qualitative vs quantitative; efficiency vs effectiveness


Module 5 – Human Resources for the Supervisor

  • Learn key employment laws
  • Investigate the fundamentals of an effective talent strategy
  • Create strategies and tactics to improve employee performance and retention


Module 6 – Understanding Self

  • Explore your current strengths and potential problem areas with DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Learn specific tactics to engage a range of generations in the workforce


Module 7 – Productive Conflict in the Workplace

  • Walk through a “conflict episode” and the role you play
  • Learn ways to manage conflict situations without damaging relationships


Module 8 – Diversity/ Perspectives

  • Understand unconscious bias based on factors outside of your control
  • Learn how deep listening and dialogue can assist in understanding different perspectives


Module 9 – Coaching/Mentorship

  • Learn ways to develop one’s career through networking and locating a mentor
  • Develop an action plan to improve any skills needed to maintain effective ongoing mentoring relationships
  • Understand strategies to work through potential common problems experienced in mentor/protégé relationships


Module 10 – Finance and Accounting for Decision-Making

  • Develop a basic understanding of finance and accounting
  • Learn financial acumen to make more informed and confident business decisions
  • Learn how to read standard financial reports


Module 11 – Project Report-Out

Each participant will present their learnings to the class and facilitators with a 15-minute presentation on their specific Work-Based Application project. Participants will explain how they will use their new knowledge in their current role/organization.