Leadership: Beyond Management

Leadership: Beyond Management Microcredential

Participants who complete the course will learn how to become a more effective, adaptive and confident leader, as well as have the opportunity to prove their skills by earning a microcredential. Microcredentials are shorter, narrowly focused programs of study that recognize learning and verify your competency. This is a great opportunity for both working professionals and employers. Employees are recognized for their hard work, and companies can verify their competency in a specific skill set. EICC microcredentials are meaningful, of high quality and represent measurable learning.

The six-course series uses both academic theory and skill-based training including access to the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), which measures an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement as a leader. Series facilitator Dr. Randy Richards delivers years of experience teaching, coaching and consulting on leadership practices.

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    Tuesdays (every other week), 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    January 24, February 7, February 21, March 7, March 21, April 4



Module 1 - The emergence of a new leadership mindset

  • What is broken in our practice of managing today?
  • What are the emerging themes in the future of management?

Module 2 - Leading change - meeting the challenges of the emerging future

  • What are the global forces that are challenging our organization’s success?
  • The critical difference between technical and adaptive challenges.
  • The most effective conflict method for leading adaptive changes.

Module 3 Strengthening organizational adaptive capacity

  • Different organizations need to address adaptive changes differently.
  • Analyzing organizational requirements for change, applying these insights to your own organization.

Module 4 - The future of managing and leading

  • A wide variety of organizations have done away with management hierarchy and are moving to self-management.
  • What your organization might do to move closer to self-management.

Module 5 - Dialogue and personal transformation

  • Why dialogue is critical to meeting the adaptive challenges facing your organization.
  • What kind of inner work you as a leader must undertake to be able to tap into the power of dialogue.

Module 6 - My journey, first steps

  • Using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) 360 degree anonymous collegial feedback, learn how your management and leadership behaviors are perceived.
  • Using the LPI (above) to develop a self-improvement plan relevant for your leadership journey.


Nathan Billany

Nathan Billany

Director of Business Development, Estes Construction

"Like a lot of terminology and popular buzz words in this day and age, leadership and management have their own traditional interpretations. Coming into this course I had my own vision of what these concepts entail based on personal experiences (and biases). The fact that each of the class participants came from their own unique backgrounds, and had their own unique interpretations of the concepts, the group had a great foundation for thought-provoking, deep discussion on the various areas of relevant content we covered. 

Dr. Richards, and Cheryl, did a wonderful job of engaging the class and urging expressive thought into how these principals apply in our day to day operations. Not only that, Dr. Richards spoke about examples of these adopted principals and challenged us to think about our own preconceptions a little differently. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about how my fellow course participants currently approach leadership within their own organizations – we can always find similarities in our quest to improve, regardless of our vocational backgrounds. 

This course is for anyone willing to (honestly) analyze their own leadership style and examine where they can do better, with an intention to ultimately make changes to benefit themselves and the organization they own, run or serve."