Leadership: Emotional Intelligence

Developing your EQ BadgeEmotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to be self-aware of how your emotions affect your ability to work with others; control your behaviors when experiencing negative emotions; be aware of other emotions in the room; and respond to the emotional reactions of others.

Research shows your emotional quotient (EQ) is a more accurate predictor of leadership and management success than your IQ. This workshop will increase your EQ so you can work well with others, put your problem-solving skills to use in challenging situations, and build better working relations.

Additional course assignments and team projects will be assigned for completion between training modules.

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Schedule and Highlights

Module 1 - Self-Awareness

  • Develop a greater appreciation for the role of emotions at work
  • Understand the source and functions of emotions
  • Become more cognizant of your emotions
  • Recognize your emotional triggers
  • Discover the connections between your emotions and your work

Module 2 - Self Control

  • Know how to act professional when emotions (your and
    others) are interfering with your ability to do your job
  • Discover how to manage negative emotions
  • Learn to direct the power of positive emotions for higher levels of performance

Module 3 - Empathy

  • Explore the difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Uncover your own personal barriers to empathy
  • Learn to recognize and respond to the emotional clues from others

Module 4 - Social Skills

  • Developing your map of mutual interdependence
  • Appreciate the role of deep listening in connecting with others
  • Understanding the importance of inquiry and dialogue in building trusting relationships.
  • Learn to apply the most effective responses to other in specific situations